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No Charges For Man Who Almost Shot Police Chief after Police Raided Wrong Home

January 18, 2015  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
No Charges For Man Who Almost Shot Police Chief after Police Raided Wrong Home Dallas Horton

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The man who nearly killed an Oklahoma police chief during a raid won’t face charges since cops busted the wrong house.

Chief Louis Ross borrowed a bullet-proof vest from a Washita County Sheriff’s Office deputy only minutes before kicking down the front door of a suspected bomb threat hoaxer.

The last thing Ross remembers 6 a.m. Thursday is identifying himself as a law officer.

Bullets then ripped out of Dallas Horton’s firearm, striking Ross’ chest three times during a raid that could have killed him. A fourth bullet struck Ross’ arm.

“Had he not put that vest on, I would not be here at the doctor with my husband today,” his tearful wife, Mary Ross, told KOCO-TV. “He thought it was a dream … and unfortunately it’s a reality.”

Ross is expected to fully recover from his injuries.

A rogue bullet also struck a neighbor’s bathroom moments after she used it.

“I’d just come out of that bathroom about five minutes before it went through,” Cheral Jaggers told the TV station.

Neighbors also saw Ross lying on the ground of the porch following the botched raid at the gun enthusiast’s home decorated with signs warning of a zombie apocalypse.

Horton and his wife were briefly detained and released when Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation realized he had no idea the police were raiding his house, a statement released by OSBI read.

Detectives later learned the bomb threat sent at about 4 a.m. for the Sentinel Community Action Center did not originate from his home.

Though authorities did seize several guns, no explosives were found at Horton’s home.

From the NY Daily News

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