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Return of the American Heavyweight Champion: Deontay Wilder Wins WBC Heavyweight Belt

January 18, 2015  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Return of the American Heavyweight Champion: Deontay Wilder Wins WBC Heavyweight Belt Image courtesy of commdiginews.com

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Since 2006, the boxing heavyweight division has not seen an American hold the belt and has since fallen into mediocrity.

But last night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, it marked the return of the American Heavyweight Champion, with Deontay Wilder’s win over Bermane Stiverne in a 12 round unanimous decision to become the WBC heavyweight champion.

Wilder came into the fight with a perfect record of 32 wins no losses with 32 knockouts, but there were many questions left open by the former Olympic Bronze medalist. Wilder has never faced stern competition, he has never gone passed the 4th round and experts questioned whether he could take a punch.

Last night, Dontay Wilder’s knockout streak came to an end, but with that, he answered many of the questions being raised about him.

Wilder went the distance with a superb performance to win the WBC heavyweight title, beating Bermane Stiverne. The judges scored the fight 118-109, 119-108, and 120-107. all in favor of Wilder.

Early on in the fight, using a high defense, Bermane Stiverne attempted to walk down Wilder, but could not get off any effective punches.

Wilder, was composed, using lateral movement and his exceptional jab to set up his hard straight right hand, he managed to stun Stiverne at the end of the 2nd round, almost knocking him out.

The third round was a bit more of the same, Stiverne spent the round walking Wilder down, but eating good shots, both from the jab and the right hand.

Then Wilder hurt Stiverne late in the round with a hard right, and may have deserved a knockdown call.

In the fourth, Wilder seemed to be getting tired and Stiverne took advantage delivering some nice body shots and left hooks upstairs.

In the fifth, Stiverne picked up where he left off and attempted to pressure Wilder however, Wilder came back in the middle of the round, re establishing his jab to set up his right hand to win the round.

Wilder’s output seemed to slow once again in the 6th round and Stiverne took advantage, stunning Wilder, but toward the end of the round, Wilder managed to slow Stiverne’s momentum by again landing some hard right hands.

Throughout the fight, Stiverne attempted to goad Wilder into making a mistake with his consistent trash talking, however Wilder didn’t take the bait.

In the seventh round, Wilder had Stiverne in trouble, landing a hard right hand, stunning Stiverne against the ropes and began to tee off on the champ with a flurry of punches, but Stiverne managed to survive the round.

Behind his dominate jab Wilder managed to control the remaining rounds, looking the well trained fresher fighter, all the steam was taken out of Stiverne’s punches. Wilder managed to jab and pot shot his way to winning the heavyweight title.

Wilder’s performance was more impressive because aside from his incredible athletic ability, which everyone knew he had, Wilder showed excellent boxing ability, impressive power, versatility, ring generalship and most importantly he showed smarts, all of the hallmarks of a heavyweight champion that will be tough to beat.

Wilder answered his critics, the next great American champ has been born, and with it interest has been restored in the heavyweight division, something boxing desperately needed.

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