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Man Finds out Wife Is Cheating, Posts Minute By Minute Details By Live Blogging on Reddit

January 20, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp
Man Finds out Wife Is Cheating, Posts Minute By Minute Details By Live Blogging on Reddit

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A scorned man who discovered his wife was unfaithful took it upon himself to go public with her cheating ways by actually giving a LIVE detail by detail by account of his situation, by posting it on Reddit, he gave minute by minute details which included hiring a private investigator, and right up to the moment he confronted his wife.

His heartbreak unfolded last Friday when the man discovered text messages on his wife’s phone from another man.

The scorned man used the name MyLifeSuxNow and went onto the social site Reddit to share his hurtful situation, first writing:

“My wife is cheating on me as evidenced by filthy text messages, I know but she doesn’t know that I do.”

He then goes on to explain that he has been married to his wife, Jenny, for eight years, they had met at the age of 22, and both had graduated from a university.

He continued with the details:

I scroll up, and there are multiple nudes from both of them waiting for me to discover.”

“Most of them are dated sometime between 1-4am (usually I’m sleeping then, smart) so I knew she was obviously trying to hide it from me.’

‘She’s cheating on me.”

“They talk about sex positions they want to try… and one short conversation about meeting up this weekend.”

‘I’ve erased all trace of me breaking into her phone. I don’t know what to do now. Jenny is cheating on me but we’ve had no major problems in the time we’ve been together.’

Clearly heart broken, the husband then turns to the Reddit community of users and asks for advice:

“Should I tell her I know? Should we split and file divorce right away?” He writes.

He then adds:

“Goddammit I loved her. I have screenshotted the texts and emailed them to myself. I feel like someone has shot me in the stomach.”

He goes on to explain the situation to his fellow users, he explains how when his wife comes home, #MyLifeSuxNow acts as if nothing is wrong, he writes:

“It really sucks speaking to her normally, but I’m dealing with it. No sex. Also, I’ve found 3 excellent divorce lawyers for myself.

He continues, clearly hurt and frustrated:

“Goddammit she’s on her phone texting again in the bathroom. I can hear the send button being pressed over and over. It’s probably nude photos and sex talk.

“Jesus this hurts.”

The man then tells Reddit users that he has hired a private investigator to have her followed, and continued providing a play by play account as he finds out the all the details involving Jenny and her lover Zack.

He wrote:

“Jenny met up with a guy, they were standing in front of a flat house in a residential area and she kissed a guy before she entered. It’s Zack. Cheating confirmed.”

“The PI is staking out Jenny and Zack’s place. There will still be juicy updates if they leave the house I’m thinking so stay tuned I guess. I’m at a loss for words.”

Then the hurt man writes a somber post:

“The pleasure of our love lasted a few years, the pain that came of this will last a lifetime.”

The man continues providing the updates, while the private investigator tracks his wife’s whereabouts.

At 3:27pm he wrote:

“Zack and Jenny are relaxing on the front porch, just talking and holding hands. My PI is super far away, they can’t see him but he can see them.”

At 3:38pm he writes:

“Zack and Jenny left Zack’s house. PI is tailing them. Sigh. More suspense for us.”

At 3:42pm he continues:

“Zack and Jenny are heading towards the Starbucks shopping center. Don’t know why, I’m guessing they already ate.”

Then in a double crossing, two timing moment that would put anybody’s stomach in a knot, the man writes:

“Jenny texted me saying “Hey babe, you wanna watch a movie tonight? Your pick.” “ I don’t know if this is related to any of this or if it’s just to throw me off.”

At this point Reddit users were in an uproar, 15,000 users gave the man advice on how to deal with his rotten situation, the feedback helped the man through the ordeal.

He showed his appreciation by thanking all the followers, writing:

“Thank you all for the support these past few days, it has meant a lot to me”

And then the moment arrives, the Grand Finale of this real life soap opera. MyLifeSuxNow comes out and confronts his cheating wife:

“I can’t type for more than a minute or two, but it isn’t great. Yelling, anger, sadness, crying, a ton of crying, pleading, explaining, contradicting.”

The man posted a final update on January 18 at 5.51pm, which read reads: ‘A huge part of my life is falling apart around me. I’ll find a way to cope…..I can get through this. I’ll update as soon as I can.”

What was also discovered was during one weekend his wife told him she was going on a girls weekend with her cousin.

During the weekend in question, the private investigator trailed Jenny and witnessed her pick up her cousin, who is married then drive to another location and picked up Zack, however it didn’t end there, they drove to a third location and picked up another man, and drive to a hotel. Turns out cheating runs in her family because her cousin was cheating on her husband as well.

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