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Floyd Mayweather To Sign Pacquiao Fight Next Week, To Be Announced During Super Bowl

January 23, 2015  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Floyd Mayweather To Sign Pacquiao Fight Next Week, To Be Announced During Super Bowl Image courtesy of philtrends.com

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The back and forth soap opera taking place between Mayweather and Pacquiao seems like the same old story. Supporters of both boxers have been engaged in a heated debate as to which fighter is responsible for not making the fight happen as of yet.

Floyd is even hearing it from the fans himself, while sitting at court side at the clippers game with buddy Justin Bieber, Rap icon Jay-Z and Beyonce as well, the crowd began chanting “We Want Pacquiao!”

Now if recent reports coming out of both camps are to be believed about a possible Mayweather-Cotto rematch instead taking place and Manny moving on to fight the undefeated Jessie Vargas, those fans will be disappointed because it seems like the biggest fight in history will not take place. Right?

However…It is no coincidence that the fight has not been signed before the SuperBowl, negotiations between both camps are ongoing.

According to the site, BoxingNews24, Floyd Mayweather Jr.- Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao-Jessie Vargas is not happening, even though Mayweather fitness coach, Alex Ariza insisted the fight wouldn’t be happening because of Bob Arum, Manny’s promoter, who he accused of being a roadblock in the negotiations.

According to the site, the “Super Bowl of Boxing” will take place on May 2nd, and if it is true, much credit the writer of the post, who goes by the name Sizzle Jkd, because he has been insisting that the fight will be taking place all along.

He first points to the representatives from both CBS/Showtime and HBO, both fighters home networks have acknowledged that negotiations is in it’s advanced stages for a joint broadcast of the fight, once they are wrapped up, Mayweather can sign the deal giving the fans the fight what they have been begging for.

Then you have Bob Arum, who expressed optimism about the fight, telling the New York Daily News on Thursday, “I am very positive this fight is going to happen.”

Arum was responding to Ariza’s roadblock comment, which is well known that both of have a deep seeded hatred for each other.

Arum said, “Ariza has nothing to do with anything [involved] to the negotiations. Everything is agreed to, do you understand?”

According to Boxing 24, Ariza, who is a strength and conditioning coach, acting as if he’s a Mayweather adviser and saying he knows what’s going on with the contract talks and suggesting that Pacquiao should be doing this and that is like Justin Fortune or Pacquiao’s chief of security going public to state the reason the fight isn’t getting signed is because Floyd is having second thoughts in risking his “zero.”

The article states that the back and forth taking place in the media and on Twitter is clearly to hype the fight and add intrigue, even though the biggest fight in history doesn’t need any hype, it sells itself.

Even though the fight negotiations have been taken place for five long years, the fans have held out hope that it would eventually be made.

However, logistically the fight happening is still very complicated, aside from Floyd’s demands, who is clearly the A fighter, you still have the deal for the joint broadcast between HBO and Showtime.

A deal, which would include deciding which side will rebroadcast the super fight.

However, both Showtime VP Stephen Espinoza and CBS boss Les Moonves, both want this fight to happen and Espinoza told the Associated Press just recently: “Personally I’ve been involved in these negotiations continuously since the very first time in 2009.

I can say I’m not sure there’s a point where I personally observed [Mayweather] wanting it more than over the last few months.”

Then you have boxing analysts who have contacts within both camps.

Showtime’s Paulie Malignaggi last week, who said in an interview that his contacts are telling him that the fight is happening, it’s just a matter of time before it’s announced.

Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard told FightHype.com yesterday, “I’ve heard from some very reliable sources that the fight’s going to come to fruition. It’s going to happen. It is the fight that will break all records. I can’t wait to see it.”

Boxing advisor, Sam Watson, the right hand man of boxing’s power broker Al Haymon, who is Mayweather’s manager, said last week that the fight would happen and that it would most likely be announced during the SuperBowl.

And finally, you have the purse, Mayweather says he will have two more fights then he is done. Fighting Cotto for $15 Million and anyone else but Manny for lets say $20 Million won’t equal the $120 Million or possibly even more, he stands to make fighting Pacquiao, and if you have a rematch God knows what he would make, and to Floyd MONEY Mayweather, money is the bottom line.

So all the back and forth news can all be put to rest, this fight will be happening, Boxing 24 even reported that there could be a good chance of both fighters attending the Super Bowl, what better way to announce the Fight of the Century.

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