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Smelly Pot Bust: Police find 1,500 Pound of Weed In Porta-Potty Truck

January 30, 2015  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Smelly Pot Bust: Police find 1,500 Pound of Weed In Porta-Potty Truck Image courtesy of nydailynews.com

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An alleged Texas drug smuggler thought no one would dare inspect his porta-potty truck.

But K-9 dogs were able to detect the smell emanating from about 1,495 pounds of marijuana inside a tank that collects the waste from the toilets.

Lt. David Beyer of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office told the Daily News the truck was not empty when the K-9 dog Lobos was sent to search the vehicle’s tank. The canine had a difficult time but eventually led his narcotics officer to the drugs that were vacuum sealed and placed in dozens of black plastic trash bags, he said.

“It smelled pretty rough,” he said. “(The officer) had to climb inside the truck and fish it out.”

Jose Navarro, 42, of Laredo, was arrested on drug possession charges after he was pulled over on Interstate 10 Wednesday afternoon, Beyer said. Additional charges are pending after the department gets a full weight of the drugs, he said.

Navarro owns the waste company, but was having financial difficulties, he told police. That’s what led him to allegedly smuggle the drugs, Beyer said.

After he was pulled over the officer thought there were red flags in his story and asked Navarro for permission to search his truck, which he consented to.

The suspect thought the soiled truck would cover the smell of the weed, but the K-9 dog eventually determined what was inside.

A picture supplied by the department shows the large quantity of marijuana that was stored in dozens of black plastic garbage bags.

“A couple of the bags were ripped,” Byer said. “I don’t think (the drugs) are any good because there was actual waste in there.”

It is not uncommon for the department to catch drug smugglers on that major roadway, and Beyer said there were about 10 to 15 big arrests last year.

Some of the cases involved quantities even larger than Wednesday’s bust but this incident is definitely unusual because it involved a waste truck, Beyer said.

And it’s not something they will forget anytime soon.

“It took everything I had when working (at the scene) because it smelled pitiful,” he said.

Criminals have found many creative ways to smuggle drugs either through breast implants, a baby bump, wigs, or even a Bible. But these suspects were also all caught.

This recent incident is also similar to the plot in the 2013 movie “The Counselor”about a corrupt lawyer who gets involved in a drug ring.

In the movie, a character named the “Wireman” steals a sewage treatment truck that contains cocaine after decapitating a rival drug criminal.

Like with many characters in the movie, Navarro does not appear to get a happy ending either.

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