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Governor Blocks Parole of Former Mexican Mafia Boss

February 21, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Governor Blocks Parole of Former Mexican Mafia Boss

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The Governor of California denied the former boss of the Mexican Mafia, the opportunity of parole.

Gov Jerry Brown announced he was blocking the parole of Rene “Boxer” Enriquez from gaining his freedom. A judge sentenced him in 1993 to a 20 year to life prison term for multiple crimes committed, including his involvement in two murders.

Brown stated that Enriquez, 52, still posed a danger to society. He flipped and turned informant on his brethren.

Last month Enriquez was at the center of an uproar after police gave him an escort to speak to a gathering of business leaders and police heads.

The former gang boss gave a speech on how the gang system and operations have transformed into a national criminal enterprise.
Many of the guests said Enriquez sounded more like a CEO than a gangster.

Brown went ahead and blocked his parole despite receiving overwhelming support from the FBI, multiple U.S. District Attorneys, Local police officers and the Department of Corrections.

Brown said in an announcement that although Enriquez made progress and is going in the right direction, he still demonstrates the traits unsuitable for parole.”

Enriquez, a highly intelligent and self-educated man recently wrote a book titled the “Black Hand.” that is the name of the gang in their native language.

In the book, he writes about entering the gang life when he was 12 -years-old, he served his first stint as a juvenile for rape. Afte his first prison bid, he become a member of the Mexican Mafia.

Enriquez climbed the ranks to becoming one of the bosses within the leadership structure. In jail, he oversaw the gang’s criminal activities, which included trafficking of drugs and ordering hits on rivals.

However, as his fellow members in the leadership began receiving Federal life sentences, from on-going RICO cases, and were being shipped out of California.

His power base became diminished, and soon fell out with the up and coming members who assumed power.

In 2005, Enriquez turned States evidence and testified against members of the Mexican Mafia. With first-hand knowledge of over 70 murders, Enriquez the Feds’ most valuable witness, who protected him at all costs, including placing him in a prison under an assumed identity and fake charge.

Enriquez began giving courses online and speaking on the lecture circuit to business leaders and law enforcement officials.

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