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ISIS Calls For the Death of Twitter Founder

March 2, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
ISIS Calls For the Death of Twitter Founder

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ISIS is now targeting the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey and all employees of the social media network after they announced an effort to deter the terrorist’s use of the site for recruiting and posting propaganda.

The group called for supporters to take revenge by killing Dorsey and Twitter employees on Sunday for blocking the group from publishing execution Tweets.

Islamic State militants have an active social media arm, which is used to spread the group’s propaganda and communicate with would-be recruits.


The threatening post included an image of Dorsey in crosshairs, which read:

“You started this failed war, We warned you from the start, this is not your war. but you don’t get it and keep closing our Twitter accounts but we always come back.”

The group then calls for their supporters all over the world to target Twitter, including, “all of its interests including people and buildings. Do not allow anyone of theses atheists to survive,” the post read.

The group uploaded the message to a Polish-based website utilized by programmer’s to share computer code with one another, NBC News reported.

Twitter’s policy restricts any unlawful or threatening posts. Last year, the company suspended 77 accounts linked to ISIS after the group posted a video of an execution.

Twitter’s said in a statement: “Our security team is investigating the legitimacy of these threats along with law enforcement officials.”

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