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Mother who First Claimed Kidnapping, Charged In Death of 20-Day-old Son,

March 3, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mother who First Claimed Kidnapping, Charged In Death of 20-Day-old Son,

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Police in Northern California announced the arrest of Samantha Green, 23, for the murder of her 3-week old son Justice Rees. Yolo County Investigators tried to make sense of the tragic and mysterious death of the infant after Green claimed that both her and Justice were kidnaped and left for dead in a swamp area.

The boy’s father, Frank Rees is also in custody for an unrelated incident for DUI and various other charges that date back to 2010. He is being held on $120,000 bond but is not a suspect in his son’s murder.


Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto said in a press conference that investigators came to the conclusion that Green is the only person responsible for her child’s death. The Sheriff didn’t give any further elaborate details as to what lead to Green’s charges, only that detectives “followed every lead and did their due diligence.”

Prieto stated that after questioning Green Friday night, she was placed under arrest. He added, “This is one of the top five worst situations I’ve seen.”

Prosecutors have yet to discern the degree of the murder charge Green shall face. She is being held on no bail. Green and her son went missing last Monday. She was discovered in a frantic and confused state in a isolated swamp area in Knights Land, claiming her and her baby were kidnaped and assaulted.

Police located body of Justice the next day, Green allegedly gave police the name of a suspect responsible for the kidnapping, but the tip amounted to nothing.

Subsequently, investigators began to question the veracity of her story, after suspecting Green of concocting the abduction story; police determined that she had driven herself to the swamp area. After Green’s arrest, her parents Randy and Laurie Green defended their daughter to reporters, “We know that Sami would never harm Justice, she loved him so much.”

However, her sister countered her parents’ comments saying, “the family has differing opinions, we don’t agree with Samantha’s decision.” said Aissa Green. In another twist, new revelations surfaced that Baby Justice had to be admitted to ICU after his birth for having meth in his system.

The news, confirmed by the mother of Frank Rees who said in a statement: “It is true that Justice was born with meth in his system. Samantha and Justice immediately became a CPS case. Child Protective services met with both Frank and Samantha. We put together a safety plan together since they lived with us”.

“Both parents tested clean and were adjusting to being parents of a newborn. Being Samantha’s first baby, I knew she had mood swings connected to the pregnancy, but never suspected her using meth while she was pregnant.”

Aissa Green says her family never knew Justice had meth in his system, had she known she would’ve taken the baby.

An initial autopsy conducted, determined Justice died from hypothermia.The case is in the hands of the District Attorney.

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