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Ferguson Police Department Targeted Blacks

March 5, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Ferguson Police Department Targeted Blacks

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The Ferguson Police Department conducted racist and profit driven police practices by targeting blacks.

That is the conclusion put forth in a scathing report announced by Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday, after the completion of the investigation by the Department of Justice that was launched after the killing of Michael Brown.

Holder also announced that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson will not face federal civil rights charges for the August shooting of Michael Brown.

The DOJ called for sweeping changes within the department after uncovering that cops had exchanged racist emails and also issued a majority of summonses to minorities that generated millions in revenue.

The investigation also discovered that officers used excessive force on minorities stopped for minor offenses.

Holder said that the investigation unearthed, “a polarized atmosphere in the community, where a deep distrust and hostility still exists between police and Ferguson residents.” DOJ officials announced 26 recommendations given to the Ferguson Police Department, which include training officers in how to not escalate confrontations with the minority residents.

In addition, the DOJ recommended a ban of ticketing and arrest quotas, which has led to millions of dollars generated for the city of Ferguson. “Our review of the evidence and our questioning of police officers, uncovered a significant burden placed on police personnel to deliver on these revenue increases,” Holder said.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles commented on the recommendations stating, “We must do better not only in a city, but as a state and a country, we have already enacted many of the recommendations.”

Although, the majority of Ferguson residents are a minority, only four out of the town’s 54 Police officers are African-American. The shooting of Michael Brown set off violence in Ferguson and ignited mass protest across the country.

If city officials accept the government’s recommendations, it will lead to a significant change in basic police practices, including areas of improving officer supervision, recruiting, hiring and promotion along with new mechanisms for answering misconduct complaints.

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