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Jay-Z’ Roc-Nation Signs Middleweight Champ Miguel Cotto to Multi-Fight Promotional Deal

March 5, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Jay-Z’ Roc-Nation Signs Middleweight Champ Miguel Cotto to Multi-Fight Promotional Deal

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One of the best pound for pound fighters has joined hip-hop king Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports.

Jay-Z’s Boxing promotion company announced the signing of middleweight Champion Miguel Cotto to a multi-fight promotions deal.

This is the second marquee fighter Roc Nation has signed. He will join fellow super middleweight champ Andre Ward, who was signed back January. Jay-Z entered the boxing promotion business back in August.

Cotto told ESPN after the announcement, “I am just finishing the last part of my career and have to do what is in the best interest of me and my family.” He will most likely return to the ring an opponent TBA.

It’s his first fight since June 6, after defeating Sergio Martinez to win the Middleweight crown. “I am excited to enter into this deal with Roc Nation, and I will work hard to fight at the same level I have always fought at,” Cotto said. He added, “We will discuss the opponents and the venue, but the best option for us is to be in New York.”

David Itskowitch, former Golden Boy Promotions and current Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation Sports’ boxing division, pursued Cotto for months, making it the company’s number one objective to get him on board.

Itskowitch has known Cotto since Golden Boy promoted his two fights against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Austin Trout. “We bring a lot to the table outside the world of boxing, and we can bring certain things in boxing that are attractive to him, there’s a lot that we can do to help establish for him after he’s done in the ring,” Itskowitch said in an interview.

Cotto was in advanced negotiations for a super-fight with Mexican star, Canelo Alvarez. However, talks broke down after Alvarez walked away from the negotiations because he felt Team Cotto was dragging their feet in making the deal.

Cotto was operating without a contract after his return to Top Rank, mainly because of his tight relationship with vice president Todd Duboef, who wasn’t happy after hearing Thursday’s news.

Duboef told ESPN that they offered Cotto $10 million dollars to fight Canelo, and accused Cotto of playing games. “Since we’ve been together there has always been someone trying to drive a wedge between us,” DuBoef said.

“He is responsible for his decisions. But Miguel has always had people around him manipulating him. He has been corrupted by people who are disingenuous. His conduct proves he’s easily polluted,” DuBoef continued.

The last time Cotto left Top Rank, Duboef said he, “did it like a man and told me ahead of time. This time Miguel and his team were playing games with me. They were devious and mischievous; They weren’t open and transparent. I’m disappointed in Cotto’s personal conduct. It’s not that he took another deal. But he told me before the Martinez fight, ‘I’m a man of my word. We’re together. We’ll finish my career together. Those words meant nothing.”

When told Duboef’s seemingly bitter comments, Cotto responded, “he is and always will be my friend, but I am doing what’s best for me and my family. If he is not OK with that, well then you can see what kind of friend he is of mine.” He added.

Roc Nation is expected to put a heavy emphasis on Cotto’s brand and is likely to seek marketing opportunities outside of boxing.

When asked if he met Jay-Z, he responded, “no, I never met him, but who doesn’t know who Jay-Z is, working with his company is big for me. In this chapter of Miguel Cotto’s career, it will make a difference.”

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