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49ers Owner Jed Yorke: “I Don’t Know What the Thinking Was Signing Misfit Wide Receiver Jerome Simpson

March 7, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
49ers Owner Jed Yorke: “I Don’t Know What the Thinking Was Signing Misfit Wide Receiver Jerome Simpson

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Within hours of the 49ers signing of trouble-plagued wide receiver Jerome Simpson, a reporter asked owner Jed Yorke what the thinking behind the signing, which didn’t line up with his winning with class vision.

Yorke, who just returned from a trip from Cuba responded, “You have to ask Trent, I don’t know what the thinking was behind that.” He was referring to General Manager Trent Balke, who has never shied away from signing players with a troubled background. Yorke has stressed that he intends on the 49ers setting a standard of winning with class.

“This is our standard and our goal, the San Francisco 49ers must win with class,” York declared.

“We haven’t conducted ourselves with the level of quality that I expect from our organization. We’ve had off-the-field issues. That’s going to happen in sports, but the level that it’s happened here is not unacceptable.” York said.

Since 2012, the team has seen six players get arrested for off the field incidents.

Starting with the mega talented Aldon Smith, who’s off the field issues, are well documented, his last incident he was involved in, saw the linebacker arrested for allegedly saying the word bomb on a plane.

The NFL suspended Smith for nine games in the 2014 season. The there was the arrest of defensive end Ray McDonald, who was charged for domestic violence and released towards the end of the year.

In addition, the 49ers signed free agents defensive backs Chris Cook, Eric Williams and Perish Cox all have experienced notable troubles with the law.

York suggested last year they would resist signing players with such questionable character, saying the organization would “inspire change.”

However, with Simpson, you have another ball of wax. Since 2012, the former Vikings wide receiver has been arrested three times for marijuana and alcohol related incidents. The arrests led to the NFL suspending him twice for a total of six games.

Simpson was then forced by former Vikings head coach Leslie Frasier to apologize to a reporter for calling him a douchebag.

Baalke undoubtedly took a risk with a talented player who’s value depreciated because of his off the field transgressions.

York says Baalke told him he would be held accountable for this offseason’s signings. If Simpson is any indication, then Baalke maybe following Harbaugh out the door.

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