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Charges Can’t STICK for Woman Who Hid Stolen Rolex In Vagina

March 7, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Charges Can’t STICK for Woman Who Hid Stolen Rolex In Vagina

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Police say they can’t make charges STICK…against a woman arrested for hiding a stolen Rolex in her vagina.

A Brooklyn man smelt something fishy after seeing Shacarye Tims getting booked at a Manhattan hotel for robbing a man’s expensive watch after hiding the watch in her vagina while she gave a massage. He explained to officers that a woman he slept with had stolen his Rolex, as well.

Police arrested Tims in November for the second robbery of a Rolex. However, the charges were dropped Friday after Brooklyn prosecutors admitted to not having enough evidence to prosecute.

Her attorney David Epstein said after reviewing surveillance footage taken from a bank and the man’s Brooklyn apartment building, it clearly shows that the woman on the tape is not Tims

“My client is tall and at least 40 pounds lighter than the woman in the video, who is very voluptuous and Rubenesque,” Epstein said.

“I appreciate the office of the district attorney moving to dismiss the case, but I don’t appreciate the fact the NYPD made an arrest without any investigation.”

An NYPD official admitted that the complainant identified Tims from her mug shot that appeared in the New York Daily News after her first arrest and could not remember the woman’s description.

Tims is still facing criminal charges for stealing a tourist’s $8,000 Rolex at a Holiday Inn hotel. When Police questioned Tims where she hid the watch, she pointed in a certain direction and replied, “it’s inside me.”

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