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Lionel Messi Under Investigation for Ties to Mexican Drug Cartel?

March 7, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Lionel Messi Under Investigation for Ties to Mexican Drug Cartel?

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The Spanish reading newspaper El Mundo is reporting the charity of world soccer icon; Lionel Messi is under investigation by the DEA for alleged ties to a Mexican drug cartel and for tax evasion.

The newspaper said that the Barcelona and Argentina star’s charity organization, the Leo Messi Foundation, is suspected to have laundered drug money for the notorious Valencia Cartel. Also known as the Milenio Cartel, who were connected to Fabio Ochoa and the Medallin Colombian Cartel, and currently syndicated under the protection of the Sinaloa Cartel.

In addition, feds are looking into the possibility that the untaxed funds raised by the charity futbol matches failed to reach the pledged non-profits, but instead went into the pockets of soccer stars who played in the charity games.

Messi has a checkered history when it comes to taxes. Last year the Spanish government ordered Lionel and his father to stand trial for tax evasion.

Government investigators accused Messi and his father, who manages his money, of using corporations in Uruguay and Belize to hide $6 million dollars in unpaid taxes by selling them his brand imaging rights.

The soccer star eventually paid back the taxes with interest, but he is still required to stand trial for the offense, which could land him in prison for six years if he’s convicted.

Messi makes $42 million a year with Spanish giants FC Barcelona and has a lucrative sponsor deal with Pepsi, Adidas, and Turkish Airlines, worth an additional $30 million dollars.

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