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Drug Dealers Kidnapp Two Teens, After Older Estranged Stripper Sister Steals $250K in Drug Money

March 8, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Drug Dealers Kidnapp Two Teens,  After Older Estranged Stripper Sister Steals $250K in Drug Money

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Police have released the chilling details of the 24-hour plight involving two Indianapolis teens, kidnapped from their home by drug dealers.

Police say the horrifying ordeal of Aaron Blackwell, 16, and his sister Emma, 13, began on March 2nd when five Gun-Wielding men burst into their home around 2:30am, used zip ties to bound their hands and began demanding to know where the drug money stolen by their estranged older sister was located.

Their horrified mother’s only indication to the men was one of confusion.

When Kathleen Blackwell failed to tell the intruders where to locate the money, they blindfolded her kids and placed them in two separate SUVs.

The men then took the two victims on a terrifying 24-hour journey spanning four states and were subjected to torment by their captors.

The siblings 27-year-old sister Whitney Blackwell, who is an exotic dancer, reportedly robbed her ex-boyfriend and drug dealer, identified as John “Jay” Thomas, 28, of $250,000 in drug money.

Whitney Blackwell

Thomas, who is the reputed head of a Detroit drug gang, ordered three members of his crew travel to Indianapolis, find Blackwell and the money she robbed from him.

Aaron told police that the men asked him questions regarding the money, when he could not give an answer, the men would slash his fingers.

The men then called his older brother and demanded a ransom for Aaron’s release, threatening to “chop the kid’s fingers off” if he didn’t pay.

Police interviewed Whitney Blackwell on Monday and managed to locate her ex-boyfriend, who responded, “I don’t know where those kids are at.”

However, detectives seized two of his phones and found text messages exchanged discussing the kidnappings and the money stolen. Police gathered enough information to pinpoint the location of the boy’s kidnappers in Detroit.

Police caught up with the SUV, which a high-speed pursuit ensued, which led to the SUV crashing into a snow embankment.

Police arrested both driver and passenger, Aaron was discovered still in his bathrobe from the night before, in the rear luggage compartment of the vehicle. Officers found him tied up and blindfolded, with injuries sustained to his fingers.

Emma, still in her pyjamas, was taken by her captors through the states of Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and Ohio.

She said to police the kidnappers first drove her to Detroit, where they handed her over to a couple, who first took her to a secluded house in Kentucky, before driving her to Dayton, Ohio.

Upon arriving in Dayton, they pulled into a Taco Bell, gave her two hundred bucks and instructed her to call a cab. She returned back to her home early Tuesday at 2 a.m., approximately 24 hours after the ordeal began.

Emma said nobody was home in her house, so she messaged her friend on Facebook, who then contacted police.

Thomas and five of his cohorts, were arrested by Federal Agents and charged with kidnapping conspiracy. All six are being held with no bail in Federal dentention.

Police charged Whitney Blackwell with drug dealing and is being held at the Marion County Jail. She told police she dated Smith since last November but left after the relationship turned violent.

Whitney acknowledged Smith as a drug dealer and told investigators he moved as much as 6 million dollars in cocaine and heroin at a time. She also admitted to stealing only $43,000 from her ex, saying she did it to buy a car and support her 6 -year-old son.

The mother, Kathleen Blackwell told the Indy Star she doubted her daughter Whitney had any remorse for what her brother and sister were put through.

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