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Man Arrested After Stealing Woman’s Car on First Date

March 9, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Man Arrested After Stealing Woman’s Car on First Date

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You never have a second chance at a first impression.

Police arrested a man who jacked his date’s car before he even got to first base.

Gerald Tietz (aka Mr. Slick) robbed the woman’s red 2007 Toyota Solara with the license plate “Jsrygrl” on Feb. 26th after meeting her on their first date in Atco, N.J. Residents in Cherry Hill, discovered the car Waterford police said.

Tietz, who also goes by the alias names Mike Rossman, Gennaro Aladena, and the nickname Gooch, is now in the custody of the Camden County Jail.

Investigators say the hustling Romeo met the victim through the online dating website OkCupid. As the date drew to an end, she invited Tietz, who used the alias Genaro Aladena, back to her place.

Police said Tietz, then took the woman’s keys and some Jewelry and took off with her car, police said.

After he had robbed the woman, he went on the lam for a couple of weeks. Residents who heard about the incident recognized the license plate and called police.

Tietz, who sports a shaved head and is in his 50s, went on the lam for two weeks until residents spotted the vehicle with the one-of-a-kind vanity plate, police said.

Police are asking any other victims who may have been hustled by the smooth operator to step forward.

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