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Toddler Trapped In Her Car Seat For 14 Hours In Frigid River, While Mother Laid Dead In Car, Survives Ordeal

March 9, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Toddler Trapped In Her Car Seat For 14 Hours In Frigid River, While Mother Laid Dead In Car, Survives Ordeal

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A little 18-month-old Utah girl buckled in her car seat for 14 hour’s upside down in a frigid river has somehow survived her harrowing ordeal.

Lily Groesbeck was involved in a fatal car accident on Friday night that took the life of her 25-year-old mother, Lynn Groesbeck. Salt Lake City, police Lt. Matt Johnson said Local fishermen located the car in the Spanish Fork River, 50 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah, on midday Saturday.

Police said their vehicle hit a concrete barrier as they entered the bridge and sending them into the river. The car rested in an area difficult to see from the roadway. An investigation is still ongoing.

Doctors upgraded the child to stable condition after being treated at a Salt Lake City hospital. Investigators believe the accident occurred on Friday night near Provo, Utah.

Lynn left her parents home with her daughter Friday night around 10pm. A resident in the area of the accident reported a noise around 10:30pm but found no accident scene when they went to check.

The Police and fire rescue workers who entered the freezing water to turn the vehicle on its side, in order to free Lilly, had to be treated with hyperthermia in the hospital.

Johnson said in a press conference its a miracle the little girl survived, temperatures dipped to as low as 30 degrees overnight while being trapped upside down in the car, with the water flowing through the car. Thankfully, she was just high enough that water elevation didn’t reach her.

“Lilly is doing remarkably well considering the circumstance. The doctors have been hopeful so far,” Jill Sanderson, sister to Lynn told KSL-TV of Salt Lake City on Sunday. “We would like to express our appreciation to the Spanish Fork rescue team for saving the baby’s life.”

Police ¬†will release further detail from the investigation as the little girl’s condition continues to improve.

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