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Police Officers Heard Woman’s Plea For Help, Before Finding Toddler Found Alive In Submerged Car

March 10, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Police Officers Heard Woman’s Plea For Help, Before Finding Toddler Found Alive In Submerged Car

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As four police officers descended on a submerged vehicle in the Spanish River, near Provo, Utah they heard a desperate plea for help coming from inside the vehicle.

The four shocked police officers flew into action, mustering all the strength they had to turn the red Dodge on its side. However, when they looked inside, they only discovered Lily Groesbeck, the 18-month-old toddler, left alive inside.

The child and her mother, 25-year-old Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck, who died the night before, were involved in a car wreck after she lost control, hitting a concrete barrier and sending the vehicle off the bridge.

Now the hero cops are trying to make sense as to who was it, they heard plea for help. “I’ve laid awake for two nights trying to figure out exactly what it was we heard. All I know is it was there, we all heard it, it motivated us to act.” Spanish Fork Police Officer Tyler Beddoes said.

Beddoes said they responded to the voice calling for help as they approached the car. The mother was already dead, and Lily was unconscious, he said.

A firefighter managed to cut the little girl loose from the car seat. She was wearing only a flannel onesie, no hat or gloves.

The emergency responders quickly formed a line in the river and handed the freezing baby to the next person until reaching dry land and in the arms of paramedics.

The medic immediately performed CPR and rushed her to Mountainview Hospital, then airlifted to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. She has since upgraded from critical to stable condition.

The officers and fire rescue workers are wondering how Lily could have survived this ordeal. The baby strapped in her car seat, hung upside down for 14 hours in frigid conditions in a submerged car with no food and water.

Beddoes, 30, who is a father of two children, said, “It’s heartbreaking, what was she doing? Was she crying most the night? It’s just a miracle… She was needed for sure elsewhere.”

“And that voice? We can’t explain it, but there is no doubt we heard it.
‘That’s the part that sends me for a whirl,’ Beddoes said. ‘I’m not very religious, but that’s what you think of.”

Investigators are awaiting toxicology test results, but they don’t believe alcohol or drugs played a factor, it’s possible Groesbeck may have fallen asleep at the wheel because No skid marks were found at the scene.

As for Lily, her family says her improvement is nothing short of a miracle. “Right now she’s watching ‘Dora (the Explorer)’ and singing ‘(The) Wheels on the Bus’ with Grandpa. She is smiling and laughing for family members. We’re blown away by Lily’s progress and so grateful to her rescuers,’ Lily’s family told CNN.

And for Beddoes, he is still shocked the little girl survived, and still wrapping his brain in a bid to make sense of that the voice, he and his fellow officers heard coming from the car.

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