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Nanny: Aaron Hernandez Kissed Nanny Two Weeks Before the Murder

March 12, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Nanny: Aaron Hernandez Kissed Nanny Two Weeks Before the Murder

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The Nanny of Aaron Hernandez testified on Wednesday that he kissed her two weeks before the murder of Odin Lloyd took place.

According to Jennifer Fortier, just days before his arrest, the former Patriots tight end took her and a friend for a car ride from Boston to North Attleboro after a night out.

She testified on the stand that Hernandez spotted Fortier and her friend leaving a Boston, nightclub. “We were walking past the W Hotel, I looked over, and there he was, He saw me and said, Hello — get in,” Fortier said.

According to Fortier, the two woman got into the car with Hernandez and two other men. She identified the man sitting in the front seat as Odin Lloyd, she described thed other man sitting in the back seat with the two women as younger guy.

She says that Hernandez smoked marijuana with the two men and was singing a song being played on the radio. Fortier told the jury that they dropped off the younger man in the back seat after driving from Boston to North Attleboro. Hernandez then drove Lloyd and the two women to his man-cave apartment in Franklin.

“When we got there, he took out some wine and the former tight end told Fortier to come into the bedroom,” she said.”He then kissed me; I pushed him away and told him, I can’t do this, I’m your nanny.” Fortier would admit later to making out with Hernandez before leaving the room.

“When I left, he was passed out, Lloyd was sleeping in the living room area,” she said.

Fortier gave details about babysitting on the night of the murder. The prosecution asked Fortier about surveillance footage from the evening in question. Hernandez is seen holding dark object as he entered the home on June 17, 2013, which prosecutors implied was the 45 caliber firearm used to commit the murder.

Lead prosecutor William McCauley asked Fortier if she knew of any remote controls in the home shaped like a gun. Hernandez defense attorney Michael Fee launched out of his seat to object the line of questioning, which Judge E. Susan Garsh, agreed with the defense.

Fortier testified that while Hernandez and his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins celebrated Father’s Day, she babysat the couple’s child. Around midnight, surveillance video shows Ortiz, and Wallace arriving at the home in a small sedan.

The men knocked on the front door she explained, “I was startled. I looked over; I noticed Bo (Ernest Wallace) at the window.” Fortier said. “Wallace appeared fine, and both men were sober when they walked in,” Fortier testified. A contention, which goes against the prosecution’s claims that Ortiz and Wallace took PCP the day before the murder took place.

The jury watched footage of Wallace going into the basement of the home on multiple occasions, where he is said to have stayed. Hernandez’ home maids testified earlier to finding a “big gun” under the mattress of the room where Wallace slept.

Prosecutors also called to the stand the district manager of Glock Inc. Kyle Aspinwall, who is also a former police officer and former chief of police in Mount Vernon, New Hampshire.

Aspinwall analyzed numerous video and still photographs of Hernandez walking in and around his home right after Lloyd’s murder. The former Patriot is seen talking to Wallace and Ortiz in the footage taken by the home’s sophisticated security system.

The time stamp on the video shows all three men arriving at the home just fifteen minutes after the murder occurred.

Aspinwall told the jury of his knowledge and expertise with firearms. He explained the unique curvature of the Glock .45 caliber’s back strap as well as other characteristics of the firearm, including the trigger guard and front strap.

He explained how the gun’s unique attributes make it easy to identify. Aspinwall enhanced the testimony with a visual example by holding up a Glock 45 caliber pistol and showed it to the jury.

Aspinwall then told the Assistant District Attorney he believed the black object Hernandez is seen holding in the home surveillance video is in fact a Glock firearm, the same used to kill Lloyd.

“In my opinion, the black object shown in the video still, is a Glock pistol,” said Aspinwall, who’s testimony is by far the most damaging presented at the trial. Trial is set to resume on Thursday.

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