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Hacking Group Anonymous Lashes Out At Kayne West

March 13, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Hacking Group Anonymous Lashes Out At Kayne West

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Kanye West is now a target of the notorious hacking collective, Anonymous.

The hacktivists uploaded a seven-and-a-half minute video ripping the rap artist. Anonymous called West “an annoying, classless brat, stands for nothing and is merely a ‘new slave ‘being used by the entertainment industry.

The member whose face is disguised by the Guy Fawkes mask continued throughout the video letting his feelings known.

The messenger said West risked his daughter North becoming a victim of bullying when she started school because he condoned his wife Kim Kardashian’s Financial gains she made from her sex tape and naked photos.

The hacktivist said maybe West should consider “showing a break the Internet” portrait of the rapper, child and even his late mother’s backside in a family as a way of gaining more attention and ‘promote his new shoes’.

The angry video opens with a clip of the Kanye’s infamous Grammy rant, where he claims Beck’s album of the Year award deserves to be given to Beyonce.

The message begins with a greeting in a robotic voice over.”Mr West, Good Evening. We are Anonymous. It seems that you don’t know when to blurt out your opinions, which is consistent with you.”

‘You always feel the need to steal the moment from other artists who work just as equally hard for their recognition. You assume to expect everyone else to agree with your personal opinions.”

The group then poses the question, “Why not take it further? Why don’t we get a family portrait of all of your greasy bottoms for the whole word to see? You would gain a ton of attention. You can use it to promote your new shoes, wouldn’t that be genius. I am sure Your mother would have loved it. I’m sure she would have jumped at the opportunity to be the picture for her close-up.

‘Nothing wrong with sacrificing your morality for some extra income and publicity. Am I correct? Your comfortable with your wife and her ongoing campaign to milk society’s attention with their controllable obsession with sex,’ they admonish.”

The group said at one time; they admired Kanye’s music, creativity, original vision, and non-conformity, but they are now targeting him because he is a ‘disgrace to what they stand for’.

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