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New Details of Alleged Rapes Against Darren Sharper Emerge

March 13, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
New Details of Alleged Rapes Against Darren Sharper Emerge

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Two Los Angeles women told LAPD detectives that former football star Darren Sharper forced them to drink drug-tainted cocktails he made prior to them passing out and being sexually assaulted.

Police reports surfaced, which provide the statements made by the victims, that led to the arrest of the Super Bowl winning safety.

Police detectives in multiple cities including Los Angeles, New Orleans, Tempe, and Las Vegas are now investigating Sharper for multiple sexual offenses.

The LA Times obtained the reports through a public records request in conjunction with the Tempe Police Department. The report does not give the names of the women.

Sharper’s L.A. based attorney insists, “Other evidence we plan to present will contradict most of the information in those reports. The truthfulness of the statements must be tested in court.”

The first report details an October 2013 incident, which occurred at Century City Hotel. The woman alleged to investigators that she met Sharper through a mutual friend.

The woman said that, Sharper asked her to accompany him to his Century City hotel room because, “he had to get something.”

According to the report, once in Sharper’s hotel room, the victim told detectives that he poured her a drink and insisted she drink it, even though she didn’t want to. “The woman thought they were going to an after-party,” according to the report. “So, she went to use the facilities and doesn’t remember anything else after that.”

She remembers waking up with Sharper on top of her, having sex with her. The victim told Sharper she didn’t feel well and wanted to leave. However, Sharper continued having sex with her against her wishes.

The report states the friend, who introduced them knocked on the bedroom door, which made Sharper get off her. The woman got dressed and flagged down a cab with the friend.

The victim then claims that later, Sharper sent her a text message texted making sure she got home ok.

The second report details a woman, who told detectives Sharper had given them a ride from an after-party in Hollywood Hills.

According to the report, both women claim Sharper invited them to another party. But first insisted, “he had to go to his hotel room and pick something up.”

When all three entered the room, both women went to use the bathroom facilities.  When they came out, Sharper handed them both vodka and cranberry shots, insisting they drink them.

“The victims told police that they  insisted they didn’t want the shots because they didn’t  like vodka, within ten minutes of drinking the shots they blacked out, the women told detectives..

Both victims claim in the report to have remembered waking up in the morning in the living room. One of the women could not remember anything, the other complained of vaginal pain.

After they had left the hotel, both women suspected they were raped and decided to get tested at the Santa Monica Rape Center, where detectives arrived to speak with the women.

Sharper initially posted bail but was later remanded after police in Louisiana issued a warrant for aggravated rape and federal drug charges.

Since his indictment in Los Angeles, indictments have been issued in New Orleans, Tempe, and Las Vegas.

Aggravated rape in Louisiana carries the possibility of life in prison.

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