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Spanish Journalist Details Ordeal While Being Held Captive By Jihadi John

March 15, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Spanish Journalist Details Ordeal While Being Held Captive By Jihadi John

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Javier Espinosa, the kidnapped Spanish journalist who survived a harrowing ordeal with ISIS terrorist Jihadi John, has described the moment the British-born militant stuck a sword in his neck during a mock execution.

Espinosa was abducted by ISIS while reporting in Syria in 2013. The Spanish government negotiated his release last year with the extremist group.

The Spaniard explained how he spent months at an ISIS prison with Mohammed Emwazi aka Jihadi John, the head cutting ISIS executioner during his detention.

The Sunday Times have printed Espinoza’s harrowing ordeal while under the custody of the world’s most wanted man, including the horrifying moment the Jihadist ran a blade across his throat, threatening his execution.

He wrote, “He caressed my neck with the blade but kept talking: ” Do Feel it? It’s Cold, isn’t it? You can imagine the pain you’ll feel when it cuts? Unimaginable pain.”

Espinoza wrote of several episodes of psychological and physical torture, privations and humiliations’ prisoners endured.

The Spanish journalist called Emwazi, one of the most ‘psychotic’ extremists, who looted his belongings and put them in massive rooms filled with millions of dollars of hard cash
ISIS thugs abducted Espinosa and photographer Ricardo Garcia Vilanova while they were working near the Turkish border in 2013.

They were held captive alongside American journalists and aid workers including Britons Alan Henning and David Haines.

Espinoza detailed how they were locked up in prisons throughout the strife-ridden country, describing some of them as ‘elegant mansions and in the former government headquarters in Raqqa.

He describes one episode where his captives threatened to exhume the body of murdered Russian engineer Sergei Gorbunov, who was shot and beheaded and told him they would have them sleep next to his head.

Espinoza recalled how the psychotic nature of his captives, ‘They enjoyed terrifying their prisoners, showing them photos Gorbunov, telling them”You will end up with him. We will have you dig him up, place you in another tomb where you can sleep with him.”

The former prisoners describe the nights he would wake up to the screams of hostages being tortured in their cells.

Espinoza explains the moment he and Vilanova crossed the border into Turkey after being a prisoner for six months. “I remember the happiness I felt knowing the nightmare was over and called my wife.”

The Spanish government ended up paying a ransom to secure the release of both men. Other European countries ignored the United Nations agreement not to negotiate with terrorist requests and have yielded to ISIS demands to secure the release of prisoners.

The United States and the UK have honored the UN compliance, which has resulted in the brutal executions of journalists and aid workers.

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