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Arrest Made In Disgusting Video Showing Teen Beating Girl and Little Brother

March 17, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Arrest Made In Disgusting Video Showing Teen Beating Girl and Little Brother

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13 WTHR Indianapolis

Police apprehended A Indianapolis high school student on Sunday after a sickening video of her beating a girl and her young 5-year-old brother surfaced online.

The disturbing video shows the victim walking with her young brother in Brookside Park. The suspect, identified as a 14-year-old, who goes to the same school, runs up to her and starts punching her multiple times in the face, in front of the terrified young child

The victim is screaming, pleading with her attacker, “What did I do? Stop please stop!” the victim asks her attacker, “Stop, please stop!”
The other kids encourage the girl as they capture the horrific attack on their cell phones.

A boy, who was watching the attack, finally steps in to end the assault. The girl begins walking away with her crying little brother. However, the suspect attacks the girl again after she is encouraged by one of the teens filming the disgusting attack.

The attacker begins punching the girl in the face, and when her little brother attempts to defend his sister, the suspect grabs the boy by the throat and sends him hurling to the ground.

The crowd was filming the sickening attack scream with excitement and egged her on.

Indianapolis police arrested the suspect for disorderly conduct, unrelated to the attack. Police did not elaborate what charges she may face in the attack posted online.

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