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Top Las Vegas Orthopedic Surgeon Busted For Throwing Drug Fueled Swing Parties At Lavish Mansion

March 17, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Top Las Vegas Orthopedic Surgeon Busted  For Throwing Drug Fueled Swing Parties At Lavish Mansion

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A top Las Vegas orthopedic surgeon and his wife are under arrest for throwing a drug-crazed swinger sex party at their Las Vegas mansion.

Police charged Andrew Scott Martin, 47, is facing ten drug charges and a jail sentence, after unknowingly inviting police to his lurid sex-fest.

His wife Jennifer Marting and six additional people were charged with drug offenses and has pleaded guilty.


Martin is alleged to have offered a cop working undercover MDMA and sex at the swinger party.

Authorities organized a crime unit who attempted to bust the sex crazed doctor for months. Officers told a grand jury they had difficulty infiltrating the swinger group but managed gain entry to the Martin’s wild adulterous parties after setting up a phoney adult website.

In 2013, they hit paydirt after being invited to a frost and furs party by Martin’s wife at his $3 million dollar luxurious home.

According to Officer Cynthia Hurtado, she and another officer attended the party disguised as a swingers couple. The officers testified to a grand jury, “It was a swinger lifestyle party, we were forced to leave when couples at the party, began having sexual intercourse with each other.

Hurtado says as they were leaving; a patron offered one of the officers Molly. (MDMA)

‘It lowers your inhibitions, so that’s why these people take the drug, and they
want to get sexual,” According to Hurtado.

The officer gave details about costume themed parties such as the Eye Wide Shut party, named after the motion picture starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Martin and the Neon Kitties party.

Hurtado claims upon arriving at one party;”I told him I needed something to loosen me up, he tried to give me MDMA by kissing me” Hurtado said.
Martin responded, “I’ll get you loose when I have sex with you later.”

In April of 2014, the undercovers brought along another female cop to the party, dubbed the “Neon Kitties” party, where swingers partied around with neon filled body paint as blacklights.

Hurtado said she witnessed Robert Ruffin provide cocaine for Jaymie Lenz and Jovan Sanita Smith, who snorted it off the kitchen counter.

Undercover cop Noel Roberts, who also attended the party scooped up the remaining substance, which would later implicate Ruffin.

“Martin said that it’s good-looking people that have sexual intercourse with each other and that everybody is very friendly.’ Hurtado told a grand jury.

In September, police raided Martin’s home as he prepared to host another kinky party. Cops seized cocaine, psychedelic mushrooms, MDMA and marijuana from the home, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Cops busted Christopher Sbracia with crystal meth and raided the house of Shannon Grammer, one of the Doctor’s party goers, uncovering another stash of narcotics, including GHB “date rape drug.”

Martin’s medical license has been suspended by the Nevada medical board. However, he is still able to practice under strict guidelines, which include drug testing.

He’ll still be able to practice, but must follow a strict set of guidelines, including submitting to drug testing.

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