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Report: Member of Aryan Brotherhood Threatened to Kill O.J. Simpson

March 19, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Report: Member of Aryan Brotherhood Threatened to Kill O.J. Simpson

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According to a new report, a convicted member of the Aryan Brotherhood at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center has issued a threat to kill O.J. Simpson.

The report states the threat stems from an incident involving the former NFL great. Simpson, who allegedly cut the line in front of another inmate, as they waited to receive medication.

The Daily Mail cited an unnamed source, who said the convict identified as 51-year-old Travis Waugh pushed Simpson against a wall and said “I am going to make it my mission the kill your n—– a–. “You will not leave here alive. Do you hear me?”

Armed guards were forced to break up the altercation after Simpson responded by spewing profanities at Waugh and the two men ended up in a scuffle.

Waugh, is serving a prison sentence for an attempted sexual assault.

Simpson, 67, has claimed that members of the Aryan Brotherhood have attacked him in the past and threatened to kill him. He is serving a 33-year prison bid for robbery and kidnapping.

According to the report, when Waugh told Simpson to go to the back of the line, O.J. Snapped back saying, “I’m staying right here, and you’re a– ain’t going to do nothing about it,” according to the report.

Simpson was arrested by Las Vegas police for his involvement in the 2007 hotel room robbery of sports memorabilia that at one time belonged to Simpson.

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