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LAPD Spent $22,000 To Escort Former Leader of Mexican Mafia

March 21, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
LAPD Spent $22,000 To Escort Former Leader of Mexican Mafia

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A new report released Friday alleges that the LAPD spent $22,000 in taxpayer funds and acquired an invalid court order to bring a convicted killer for the Mexican Mafia to a dinner gathering.

The report states that 38 officers had to work a total of 320 hours for the transport of Rene “Boxer” Enriquez. The former gang leader was a keynote speaker at an exclusive dinner attended by business executives and law enforcement officials, according to the LAPD Civilian Commission.

The Commission’s report said that the LAPD used an order from a 2012 closed case, which only allowed his release to act as a witness. Therefore, Police officials didn’t have the authority to remove Enriquez from prison custody.

The former leader of the Mexican Mafia leader was convicted of murder in 1993 and is serving a 20 years to life prison sentence.
However, many in law enforcement have lobbied for his release after he turned on his gang brethren and testified against them.

Last month California Gov. Jerry Brown denied Enriquez parole, despite letters of support from the FBI and federal prosecutors. Brown acknowledged his cooperation but cited his history of violence and his belief that Enriquez still poses a danger to society.

“Enriquez has spoken to various law enforcement groups and as a high-ranking member of the Mexican Mafia. He provided invaluable information on the workings of the vast criminal enterprise,” said Los Angeles Police Deputy Chief Michael Downing expressed in the days after the event.

On Friday, LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck requested that his professional standards bureau conduct an internal investigation. Beck has admitted that involving the department was a mistake.

A top police official called the December event, a law enforcement training session, when he requested permission from for Enriquez to attend.

Police provided escort including helicopter surveillance of the route taken to the gathering and security of the area provided by SWAT.

The Young President’ Organisation planned the event, attended by 175 guests, including top business leaders, CEO’s, and high-ranking law enforcement officials.

The invitation said the mystery guest speaker would leave attendees “amazed, shocked, blown away and maybe even a little scared.”

The event even provided a little theatrics.

“Enriquez stood silhouetted behind a screen, he described how an organization creates, delivers, and accumulates value economically, socially, and culturally,” report said. “It was not until the curtain lifted that the audience saw Enriquez standing on a small stage, in a black business suit, with his hands cuffed to waist chains and his legs in shackles.”

After officials had removed the chains, Enriquez introduced himself and explained the role he played and the workings of the Mexican Mafia.

The organizers provided a buffet dinner for the guests and were allowed to meet Enriquez in pair — who signed copies his 2009 biography about his life.

On Friday, LAPD Commission President Steve Soboroff praised the police chief for taking “the action necessary measures in ordering the internal investigation.” The Commission is an independent civilian board that acts as a watch-dog over the department.

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