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Two Dozen Members of Nuestra Familia in San Jose Arrested in Massive Gang Bust

March 23, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Two Dozen Members of Nuestra Familia in San Jose Arrested in Massive Gang Bust

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San Jose Police arrested 24 members of the Nuestra Familia in connection with a massive indictment handed down against the gang.

The charges stem from a wide-ranging investigation code named,”Red October” which detailed a complex organized conglomerate, run by a three-person hierarchy, all of whom are inmates at Pelican Bay Prison.

San Jose Police say the group conducted organized criminal activities on behalf of the leadership.

According to the indictment, the leadership consists of three men, known as Generals, who directed and took a percentage of all proceeds from criminal activities, including drug trafficking, distribution and the extortion of local merchants in San Jose.

According Santa Clara Assistant District Attorney Marisa McKeown, members paroled from prison, would smuggle orders written by the Generals in gang coded written messages known as kites.

The coded orders included instructions on how to handle criminal business matters, instructions on how to conduct robberies and to carry out murders on behalf of the gang.

“For the first time we have seized hundreds of these complex coded messages from high-level members. The orders written on notes are very exact; we have the Generals ordering gang directives from Pelican Bay, provided with signatures discovered on a high ranking Street member,” said McKeown.

Law enforcement officials said that six members of the Nuestra Familia are still at large.

The joint task force believes it has compromised the gang’s operations in San Jose after one the top bosses flipped and decided to turn state’s witness, revealing the gang’s internal workings.

“We have so many people that we know the complete history of this outfit. Hopefully, this will negate any future influence they have in this city.” McKeown said.

Trial for many of the gang members will begin on April 13.

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