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Discovery of Remains Belong to Alaska Family Reported Missing Last Year

March 24, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Discovery of Remains Belong to Alaska Family Reported Missing Last Year

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Alaska Police confirmed the grim discovery of four bodies, and a dead dog, located in a rural area near the home of a family missing since last year.

Investigators say the remains are likely the bodies of Rebecca Adams, 23; her boyfriend Brandon Jividen, 38; and her children, Michelle Hundley, 6, and Jaracca Hundley, 3-years-old went missing last May.

The family disappeared last May. Authorities on Monday could not elaborate on the circumstances surrounding the deaths. However, police did indicate they don’t believe anyone else was involved.

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The family lived in the fishing community of Kenai, which is 65 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska.

At the time of their disappearance, family members told police, it appeared they left without taking anything.

The family disappeared along with their dog, both of the couple’s vehicles with two baby seats were still parked outside their apartment complex.

Kenai Police Lt. Dave Ross said Monday; “the bodies have yet to be officially identified by a coroner” Ross added that there is every indication the bodies are those of the missing family.

He said that A gun discovered at the scene matched the serial number from a box found in the home. Police found additional items reported missing from the residence, and the body of a dog was found dead at the scene.

Ross said the investigation is ongoing, “but there’s no reason to believe there is anyone else involved in the deaths. “It appears all four people died at the location.”

Investigators are suspecting a murder-suicide as the likely motive in the family’s deaths.

Police discovered the remains just a half-mile away from the family’s home late Saturday night. A person driving on a trail spotted clothing from his vehicle, when he got out, he discovered the human remains and called police.

“The bodies were about 15 yards off the trail, which is frequently used by four-wheelers and snowmobiles. Just by standing on the path, the bodies would not be seen with the foliage the way it was,” said Ross.

When the family was first reported missing, officers from twenty local, state and federal agencies conducted a massive search over a wide area around the family’s home, using search and rescue dogs, airplanes, and helicopters to scour the area.

“I can only speculate how close searchers may have come,” Ross said.

Investigators say Jividen was an outdoorsman but didn’t release any further details about the family. The children’s father Jeremiah Hundley was reportedly killed in a motorcycle accident in 2012

Adams’ sister, Lanell Adams previously told investigators the last time she spoke to her sister was last Memorial Day weekend. “She sounded like she were in distress but wouldn’t say what was wrong,” the sister said.

Family members called Police and asked they check on the family. When Police could not locate the family, Lanell Adams immediately flew to Kenai.

On Monday, the families of the deceased issued a statement saying they were saddened by the news, but would not issue any further comments until the Police investigation concluded.

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