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Blockbuster Report Claims DEA Agents Attended Sex Parties Funded By Colombian Drug Cartels

March 26, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Blockbuster Report Claims DEA Agents Attended Sex Parties Funded By Colombian Drug Cartels

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The Department of Justice’Office of the Inspector General is faulting the Drug Enforcement Agency for their handling of allegations that agents partook in wild sex parties with hookers, funded by local ColombianDrug Cartel bosses.

According to the blockbuster report, the parties, took place between 2005-08 and were hosted at U.S. government locations in Colombia. The report alleges that multiple federal agencies including the DEA were aware of the parties and ignored the reports.

In addition, the report accuses the DEA agents of receiving extravagant gifts including cash and weapons Colombian drug cartel members.

“The foreign officer with the DEA allegedly organized ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes funded local drug cartels for these DEA agents. The parties took place at their government-leased locations, over several years,” the report states.

The report says that at least ten DEA agents who participated in these parties denied knowing cartel members paid for the hookers.

The investigators responsible for the report take contention with the officers’ claims. “The officers involved were in a position to realize that cartel funds paid for the prostitutes in attendance,” they wrote in the report.

“The foreign officers further alleged that in addition to the solicitation of prostitutes, cartel members gave three DEA special agents money, expensive gifts, and weapons,” the case file asserts.

The report says Cartel members paid officers from the Colombian police to provide security for the DEA agents.” the report claimed.

In addition, the report claimed that multiple U.S. agencies including the DEA, ATF, and the U.S. Marshals Service were aware of the scandalous parties but failed to report them.

An anonymous tipster informed the DEA’s Office of Professional Responsibility of the sexual escapades in 2010.

Throughout the course of the probe, the DOJ Inspector General’s office said the Drug Enforcement Agency offered very little cooperation as the allegations were being investigated.

Many of the agents received light suspensions from the DEA ranging between 2-10 day suspensions.

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