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American Drug Lord: Is Los Zetas New Leader American?

March 28, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
American Drug Lord: Is Los Zetas New Leader American?

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The Los Zetas Drug Cartel has come under relentless pressure from the Mexican government after the arrests of its leader Omar Trevino Morales (Z42) and 15 regional bosses since early March.

In an effort to maintain pressure on the organization, U.S. and Mexican law enforcement officials have been attempting to ascertain which of it’s members has assumed leadership of the Los Zetas in the wake of Omar Treviño’s arrest, who took over after his brother Miguel Angel Trevino Z41 was apprehended.

Omar Trevino Z42 after his arrest

Since the violent Z40’s ascension to boss of the Zetas, the syndicate no longer maintained the organized military structure the group was originally founded on, which determined the line of succession for leadership.

Instead, it chooses succession through family blood ties, which has led law enforcement officials to assume the 61-year-old older brother of both Omar and Miguel Angel, Francisco Treviño as the logical heir apparent to take control of the cartel.

Francisco served 20 years in a United States federal prison for trafficking marijuana before he was deported back to Mexico.

However, some intelligence analysts in Mexico and the U.S. suggest the person who possesses the traits to seize power is 35-year-old American citizen Jose Maria Guizar Valencia. Known as Z43, El Charly, and Carlitos.

“El Charly” is from Tulare, California and has no criminal record. He is the alleged head of the Zetas faction in southern Mexico. During a law enforcement security briefing last year on the drug cartels, An analyst indicated that Omar Treviño was just a figurehead, and the day to day operations were being run by Z43.

The U.S. State Department has placed a $5 million dollar reward for his arrest. Guizar Valencia is currently wanted in multiple federal districts throughout the U.S. on numerous drug trafficking and money laundering charges.

Guizar is responsible for shipping tons of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and meth into the U.S. every year. Following the 2012 death of its military leader, Heriberto Lazcano Z40, killed in a gun battle with the Mexican Army and the 2013 arrest of Miguel Angel Trevino, leadership fell to his younger brother Omar Z42 and “El Charly,”Z43.

Heriberto Lazcano, Z40 and Miguel Angel Trevino, Z41

Guizar Valencia has controlled key points throughout the southern region and on the border with Guatemala. He maintains a significant presence in the area because of deep family ties within Southern Mexico.

In June 2014, the heads of the Beltran Leyva, Jalisco, and Juarez Cartels met with Omar Trevino Z42 and Guizar Valencia Z43 to establish a business alliance. Based on his presence in such a high profile meeting, it became apparent, Z43 was one of the top bosses, if not second in command of the Zetas. And likeliest of candidates to assume the leadership role.

“El Charly” would not be the first American drug lord to assume a high ranking leadership position within a cartel organization. In 2010, Edgar Valdez Villarreal aka “La Barbie” was arrested and sent to a Mexican prison as part of a narco-trafficking organization. Villareal was your typical American kid who grew up and played High School football in Laredo, Texas.

“La Barbie” is the name given by his high school football coach because of his blond and blue eyes. He became a top member in the powerful Beltran-Leyva Cartel. Villareal is believed to have ordered countless executions of rival cartel members.

Mexican authorities implicated “La Barbie” along with former high-ranking Mexican military officials, including three generals on drug trafficking and corruption charges.

Actor Charlie Hunnam from the “Sons of Anarchy” is slated to play Villareal in an upcoming film “American Drug Lord” written by Jason Hall, who wrote American Sniper.

Valdez Villarreal aka “La Barbie” after his arrest in 2010

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