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Hernandez Murder Trial: Fiancee said she discarded box at Hernandez’ request

March 30, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Hernandez Murder Trial: Fiancee said she discarded box at Hernandez’ request

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The fiancee of Aaron Hernandez resumed her testimony at his murder trial on Monday.
Shayanna Jenkins, 25, told the jury that she removed a box from their basement at Hernandez’s asking, prior to her dumping it in a random garbage container, the day after Odin Loyd’s murder.

Jenkins said on her second day on the stand that the box had a skunky smell, which gave her the impression it contained marijuana. The suggestion undermines the prosecutors’ arguments suggesting the box contained crucial evidence, such as the weapon used to kill Odin Lloyd.

Prosecutors granted her immunity, in exchange for her testimony..
Hernandez is on trial for the June 2013 murder of Lloyd after he was found shot to death in an industrial park near the home of Hernandez.

Jenkins, sporting the massive diamond engagement ring, was asked by Assistant District Attorney William McCauley about Hernandez request to remove the box the day after Lloyd’s murder.

“He told me to go downstairs into our storage room and remove a box from our home; I believe he said it was important,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said she discovered a box weighing roughly 35 to 40 pounds, containing smaller cardboard boxes inside, which obscured the view of the item underneath.

Jenkins maintains she never asked Hernandez about the contents of the box. She described driving with the box before discarding it.”I put it in a garbage bag, covered it with baby clothes. I used my sister’s car and drove around until I found a random dumpster, where I threw it away,” She said.

Prosecutors have suggested the missing box, may have held crucial evidence, possibly even the murder weapon used in the shooting of Lloyd.

Jenkins’ account contradicted the grand jury deposition where she claimed no one told her to remove the box, and she stated she couldn’t remember where she disposed of the box. Prosecutors ended up charging Jenkins with perjury.

McCauley asked her about her dubious grand jury testimony. “I was nervous at the time. I had to be neutral as far as trying to comfort my sister. Everyone’s emotions were kind of relying on me,” Jenkins said.

Hernandez defense attorney Charles Rankin during cross-examination asked Jenkins if the box could have been closer to 20 to 25 pounds.

Jenkins replied “that it could be a more accurate estimate.” He followed up by asking Jenkins if the box contained a smell. She answered it had a “skunky” odor.

“What did you think was in there?” he asked.

“I thought it was marijuana,” Jenkins responded.

McCauley then pressed her, pointing out this was the first time she has mentioned a smell. Rankin shot back, telling the court she had never been asked about a smell or what she thought was inside the box.

Jenkins also told the jury what happened after Hernandez came back early the morning of June 18 after he went to the North Attleborough police station to speak with detectives.

“I asked him at that point if did it, and he told me no,” she said.

Hernandez watched Jenkins intently for much of her testimony, but she didn’t look at him. She broke down and cried while questioning from Hernandez’s lawyer as she talked about catching him cheating and about making a decision to work things out with him and to “compromise” on his behavior.

“That included infidelity,” she said.

The couple exchanged brief glances as she concluded her testimony and left the courtroom.

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