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Italian Model Offered to Drop Charges Against Weinstein For Movie Role

April 3, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Italian Model Offered to Drop Charges Against Weinstein For Movie Role

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Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein didn’t deny groping Ambra Battilana. A source within the NYPD said detectives coordinated a controlled phone call with Harvey Weinstein and the 22-year-old model accusing him of sexual abuse.

Ambra Battilana even convinced Weinstein to meet at a restaurant in the Tribeca Grand Hotel, in downtown Manhattan. According to the source, the rendezvous was monitored carefully by the NYPD, the source added.

The source told the Daily News during the conversation he admitted touching Battilana. “The phone call clearly shows he did what she accused him of doing,” the source said.

The source added “If he denies the fact he didn’t touch her breasts and privates, then he’s toast.”

The call and the meeting took place some time after she notified police on Friday and cops spoke to Weinstein on Saturday. The source didn’t reveal whether Weinstein was aware cops were listening to the conversation.

The married-father-of five had a brief conversation with police, then immediately requested an attorney.

Sources close to Weinstein said the Hollywood big shot has denied the allegations. “I couldn’t be more confident that nothing happened with Harvey, this is indeed a setup like we’ve never seen, it’s clear this is part of a pattern,” the source proclaimed.

The source’s comments were before new details which emerged Friday, that could back up the source’s statements.

According to the New York Post, Battilana refused to “cooperate” with DA four days after she first initially met with police, sources close to the matter told the newspaper.

The source said Battilana and her manager, first worked behind the scenes with a Weinstein top aide to “cut a deal” to secure a role in one of his movies, the source alleges.

“She first refused to be interviewed by the Manhattan DA’s Office. But it became apparent the film role wasn’t happening, she then decided to cooperate with the criminal case,” a source said.

New York City criminal defense attorney Mark Jay Heller first represented the model. The source claimed Heller pulled out from the case because the attorney was uncomfortable with Battilana’s antics behind-the-scenes, which indicated she wasn’t “serious victim.”

Battilana told investigators; Weinstein invited her to stop by his Tribeca office for a meeting after they met Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall.

The model claims Weinstein asked if her breasts were real before grabbing Battilana’s chest, then placing his hand under her skirt.

Battilana told authorities, After she forcefully rebuffed Weinstein, He withdrew his advances and asked for a kiss.

Battilana went to the Police Precinct the very same night.
Surveillance video shows the Italian model on the phone walking out of Weinstein’s office in a lively manner, thirty minutes after arriving.

However, sources revealed that Battilana attended a Saturday matinee of the Weinstein-produced Broadway play “Finding Neverland” at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, the day after she filled out the report.
She tweeted a photo of her $277, sixth row seat of the orchestra section.

Her new lawyer, David Godosky, has claimed that the former Miss Italy finalist has been cooperative in the probe from the beginning and blasted claims any behind-the-scenes improprieties.

“She immediately went to the police and cooperated with the Special Victims Squad, This is a pretty much standard go-to defense to attack the victim,” said Godosky.

The Manhattan district attorney has tapped his leading Assistant District Attorney, Martha Bashford, to handle the case, head of the sex crimes unit

According to Godosky, Bashford, had already spoke with Battilana.

“They’re taking this very seriously; ADA Bashford is a top-notch prosecutor. If I were the victim or the target of the investigation, I would surmise that they are taking it very seriously.”

A reporter asked Godosky if he expected the case to go to a grand jury. “That’s for the New York County district attorney to decide, right now they are taking the investigation in steps.”

Battilana testified in 2011 at former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi trial regarding his “Bunga Bunga” orgy parties. Her testimony along with other factors will determine the model’s credibility as a victim by the prosecutor.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and Weinstein’s reps refused to comment.

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