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Suge Knight Comes to Court For Robbery Case Chained to a Wheel Chair

April 9, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Suge Knight Comes to Court For Robbery Case Chained to a Wheel Chair

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A judge gave Marion Suge Knight more time to hire a new attorney Wednesday, for a separate robbery case filed after a celebrity photographer accused him and comedian Katt Williams of taking her camera last year.

The co-founder of Death Row Records showed up in court chained to a wheelchair and complained to Judge Ronald Coen, saying he could walk.

Knight had fallen to the ground during his last court hearing and has been taken from court in an ambulance four times due to medical issues since being charged with murder in early February.

The judge said if Knight, 49, is fit to walk, he wouldn’t be brought into court in the wheelchair again.

Coen asked Knight if he wanted a new attorney in the robbery case. His last attorney, David Kenner, said he no longer wanted to represent Knight.

Knight has until May 27 to hire a new lawyer.

He is due back in court Monday for a preliminary hearing for the murder of Terry Carter, who he fatally ran over with his truck outside a Compton burger stand in February.

Knight’s attorney Matt Fletcher said Prosecutors will present some of the evidence in the case, and he expected the hearing to move forward.

Fletcher said placing Knight in a wheelchair for Wednesday’s hearing was part of an effort to humiliate Knight. He told the judge he was able to walk from his jail cell onto the bus and walked into the courthouse before being placed in the chair.

“This is like “Silence of the Lambs,” Fletcher said, referring to a scene in the film where Anthony Hopkins’ character, Hannibal Lecter is chained to a hand truck.

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