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Feds: Houston “Cop of The Year” Was a Hired Gun for the Los Zetas Drug Cartel

April 12, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Feds: Houston “Cop of The Year” Was a Hired Gun for the Los Zetas Drug Cartel Houston police Officer Noe Juarez was indicted on federal drug conspiracy and weapons charges.

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Federal Authorities say a decorated Houston cop led a double life as a narco-trafficker for a ruthless Mexican drug cartel. FBI agents and his fellow Houston Police Officers arrested Officer Noe Juarez, 46 after he arrived to work at the police station on Wednesday.

The accomplished 20-year veteran, once hailed as an “officer of the year,” was arrested along with Sergio Grimaldo, 32, who is the brother of a convicted leader of the ruthless Los Zetas Cartel. Feds accused both men of conspiracy to distribute five kilos of cocaine in the southeastern part of Louisiana.

In addition, Feds also indicted Juarez, on gun charges in connection with cocaine trafficking.The superseding indictment is an extension of an ongoing case against the reputed member of the Los Zetas Drug Cartel according to federal court records.

Prosecutors unsealed the charges in the indictment against Juarez on Wednesday. Although court document does not specify the officer’s role in the operation. Police sources told a local media outlet that the former hero cop worked as a hired gun for the Zetas, who escorted shipments of narcotics across state borders.

Authorities previously indicated Grimaldo with his brother, Efrain Grimaldo, a top member of Los Zetas, according to the U.S.District Attorney’s Office in Louisiana. Efrain is serving 33 years in prison after being convicted on drug conspiracy charges in February 2014.

“Efrain Grimaldo is a member of the Los Zetas cartel, one of the most nefarious and ruthless drug syndicates in Mexico or the United States. Grimaldo put the lives of innocent people in peril on both sides of the border,” U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite said after Efrain during his sentencing.

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Former members of the Mexican Elite Army Units initially established the Zetas to act as a para-military enforcer unit for former Gulf Cartel Kingpin, Osiel Cardenas Guillen. The cartel is described by Mexican and U.S. Defense officials as “the most formidable death squad” in the country.

The Grimaldo brothers oversaw the supply operation for the major drug markets throughout the South, Midwest and up the Eastern Seaboard, including New York City, for the cartel, prosecutors said.

Sergio Grimaldo’s case has remained open since his arrest, and Juarez is now a co-defendant in the initial unsealed indictment, filed on April 2nd. Juarez appeared in shackles at his arraignment on Wednesday, at the Houston federal district courthouse. His attorney told reporters the had little information to go on because of the sparse details provided in the indictment.

“Only thing they’re saying is that he’s committed these crimes, but they haven’t put any meat on the bones,” defense attorney George Murphy said. “This is the most bare-boned indictment I’ve ever witnessed.”

Juarez is set to appear for a bail hearing on Monday.

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