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Prosecutors: New York City Woman Married 10 Men in 11 Years Without Getting Divorced

April 12, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Prosecutors: New York City Woman Married 10 Men in 11 Years Without Getting Divorced

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Police arrested a New York Woman, who got hitched ten times in 11 years without getting divorced as part of an immigration scam. Records indicate the woman is still married to four of the men, Including one husband who got deported for making threats against the United States, prosecutors said Friday.

Liana Barrientos, 39, pled not guilty in Bronx Supreme Court to one count of filing a false instrument on a marriage application. And one count of falsifying a marriage license for her 2010 marriage to Mali national Salle Keita.

For almost a decade, the serial bride avoided getting caught because each of the licenses for the marriages had gotten filed in a different city or town around the New York City area.

Homeland Security confronted Barrientos about the string of marriages. Barrientos “denied ever knowing the ten men, with the exception of Mr. Keita,” Assistant District Attorney Jessica Lupo said in court. “In fact, since 1999 she had nine other marriages.”

According to the district attorney’s office, The phony grooms were from so-called “red flagged” countries. They include Egypt, Turkey, Georgia, Pakistan, Mali, the Czech Republic and Bangladesh.

Although there were some divorces, at one point during the escapade, records listed Barrientos as being married to eight different men at the same time.

Lupo detailed the pattern of the scam using one husband as an example. Vakhtang Dzneladze, a Georgia National married Barrientos in 2002.

Barrientos admitted receiving payment after sending Dzneladze documents including pictures. Barrientos married Dzneladze on May 24, who then used the marriage license to gain legal permanent residency and naturalization in 2006. He then divorced Barrientos Three months later. Lupo said.

Seven of the men filed for legal status after marrying Barrientos. “Some were unsuccessful and would immediately file for divorce and attempt to refile for legal status using other false marriages.

The most recent husband “has no valid immigration status at this time,” Lupo said.

One of the men who never filed for divorce is Rashid Rajput of Pakistan, one of the six men Barrientos married during a six-month marriage marathon in 2002.

The district attorney said the Joint Terrorism Task Force investigated Rajput for making elaborate threats against the U.S. and deported him back to Pakistan 2006.

According to the complaint, Barrientos’ filed for all of the marriage certificates in different towns around Westchester County and Long Island between 1999 and 2002. However, She is currently being charged for one false marriage in the Bronx.

Barrientos has a record which dates back to 1997, including arrests for drug possession and tresspassing. She faces four years in prison if convicted, and awaits her next court date, on May 18.

The judge released Barrientos without bail. However, she proved to be a one woman episode of “COPS.” She was arrested again just short time after leaving the court on Friday “for sneaking into a New York City subway through an emergency exit,” said NYPD Detective Annette Markowski.

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