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Witnesses say Drug Kingpin Damian “World” Hardy Issued A Contract Hit on Boxing Legend Mike Tyson

April 13, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Witnesses say Drug Kingpin Damian “World” Hardy Issued A Contract Hit on Boxing Legend Mike Tyson

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Government witnesses testified in Brooklyn Federal Court last week that Notorious drug kingpin Damion (World) Hardy and former boxing champ Mike Tyson took out bounties on each other’s heads, over the murder of Tyson’s childhood friend.

The testimony by Government’s witnesses is part of a federal racketeering case against Hardy, which includes the murders of six people.

Tyson’s longtime friend, Darryl (Homicide) Baum, was shot to death over a drug-related beef. According to witness testimony, both Hardy and Tyson contracted hits on each other’s lives over the murder after Baum. Hardy, is the former Fiancée of rapper Lil’ Kim.

Allen (Boo) Bryant and Shelby (Moo) Henderson, both former members of Hardy’s crew, explained how they stood against putting a hit on Tyson. Both men said they disagreed with the decision to kill Tyson despite the fact the former champ took out a $50,000 contract on Hardy’s life.

“Moo spoke out against killing Tyson the loudest, saying Mike Tyson was Muslim, and we shouldn’t kill a Muslim,” Bryant told the jury.

He said Hardy disregarded the argument.“World said I’m a Muslim, and he (Tyson) put the money up, World was saying Tyson’s religion made no difference,” Bryant claimed.

He added, “If World had called on us, we would have killed him,” Bryant said, regarding carrying out a preemptive hit on Tyson.

Henderson told the court he knew the idea of killing Tyson was outrageous. However, It wouldn’t have stopped the hit from happening. “It was a kill or get killed type of situation, World, and his crew had a right to defend themselves,” said Henderson.

Mike Tyson (2nd from l.) with slain friend Darryl Baum (l.).

Mike Tyson (2nd from l.) with slain friend Darryl Baum (l.).

The government’s witnesses are all former members and associates of the violent drug gang “Cash-Money Brothers”, which Hardy was the leader of up until his 2004 arrest.

The gang operated a crack-cocaine ring out of the Lafayette Gardens housing project in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Prosecutors have accused Hardy of committing numerous murders in a bid for revenge over the murder of his brother Myron (Wise) Hardy.

Although Tyson’s friend had no involvement in the murder of Hardy’s brother, Henderson said Baum tried to strong arm a member of Cash-Money Brothers known as “Taz” to sell drugs for him.

Tyson’s hit included a bounty for the death of “Taz,” the witnesses all said on the stand.

Henderson said the crew had “laid upon” a white Range Rover parked on Atlantic Avenue as Tyson sat in the passenger seat.

“Taz attempted to convince another member Cash-Money Brothers to kill him (Tyson),” Henderson said. Representatives for Tyson have not commented on the eyewitness accounts. However, Tyson previously denied ever putting a contract on Hardy.

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