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Rapper DMX: “Robbery Accusation Proves I’m Doing God’s Work”

April 14, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Rapper DMX: “Robbery Accusation Proves I’m Doing God’s Work”

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DMX is no stranger to trouble, but the rapper claims the latest accusations that he robbed a fan is proof he’s performing God’s work.

“The harder the devil works to destroy me, it means I’m special to God, I’m doing God’s work,” the rapper told TMZ. A 21-year-old fan said to Newark Police that DMX had robbed him at $3,200 in the early morning hours on Sunday. The man claimed the rapper’s bodyguard brandished a gun at him while, at an Exxon gas station, Police said.

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, admitted he and his entourage stopped at a gas station after Saturday’s show in Newark. But denies robbing anyone, he said. “I don’t remember any incident happening; I make way more than that in one show. Why would I waste my time and want that type of trouble for myself,” DMX told TMZ.

The alleged victim told police he walked up to the rap star to talk music; instead DMX robbed him for the big wad of cash he had from cashing his paycheck.

Simmons’ attorney said the allegations “made little sense,” and said the fan was part of a group who posed for pictures with the hip-hop artist. However, he became upset when DMX refused their offer of drugs.

DMX said these type of accusations came with the business.

“People are always gonna take shots, which includes trying to accuse you of things,” he told TMZ. “this is not the first time I’ve gotten accused of something that I didn’t do. And If I did it, you sure would have known about it.”

DMX: I Shall Not Steal …The Devil Is Working Hard To Destroy Me
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