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Gangster Cops On Trial: Former Philly Narc Testifies How Drug Unit Robbed Drug Dealers

April 15, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Gangster Cops On Trial: Former Philly Narc Testifies How Drug Unit Robbed Drug Dealers Former Narc Jeffrey Walker Testifies Against Former A disgraced former Police Colleagues

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A disgraced former Philadelphia police officer testified Tuesday against his fellow narcotics unit cops, admitting that he robbed drug money, planted evidence and falsified police reports so many times he’s lost count.

Jeffrey Walker, 46, testified on the stand that the Philadelphia Police Department’s Narcotics Squad would target “khaki pants wearing, white college-boy types” because they were “easy to intimidate.”

Walker’s characterization matches the description of the drug dealers who have taken the stand earlier on in the federal police corruption trial.

Witnesses have testified that the narcotics unit robbed as much as $80,000 at a time during non-sanctioned, illegal raids, which most times included threats and violence.

Walker told the jury that police brass would often applaud the drug unit after making the big arrests, which made them look good. Lead defendant and the drug squad’s leader, Thomas Liciardello, “produced big raids, with lots of arrests,” he said.

“As far as the bosses and supervisors are concerned. The stings made them look good. But it was nothing but a dog and pony show. That’s what it is,” Walker said.

Walker also stated that, “Licardello always got a cut of the stolen or skimmed money taken from suspected drug dealers. The others would split the ‘jobs’ they worked.”

The former officer said his first robbery was as a uniformed patrolman after he chased a drug dealer into a house and discovered a large bag full of cash sitting on top of the refrigerator.

“I never saw that kind of money. I was just a young kid,” Walker told jurors. “I took some of the money, put it in my jacket pocket.”

The defense team attacked Walker’s credibility and will most certainly mention during cross-examination, the instances when Walker admitted he acted alone, even prior to joining the elite undercover narcotics unit.

Walker also admitted to developing an alcohol problem, which affected his memory.

The 24 year veteran was arrested in an FBI sting last year. Prior to his arrest, Walker refused to speak with the FBI about the unit.

However, Walker changed his mind after getting caught in the sting, where he robbed $15,000 and planted narcotics in a suspect’s car.

Walker has remained in custody for almost a year, by testifying, he hopes to avoid a life sentence.

As a result of Walker’s guilty plea, over 160 drug convictions have been overturned, and a number of civil-rights lawsuits await Walker and the rest of the defendants.

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