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Judge Orders V. Stiviano to Pay Back Shelley Sterling $3 Million Dollars in Gifts She Received From Donald Sterling

April 15, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Judge Orders V. Stiviano to Pay Back Shelley Sterling $3 Million Dollars in Gifts She Received From Donald Sterling

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A Los Angeles District Court judge ruled on Tuesday that the wife of the former owner of the LA Clippers must be repaid $2.6 million by V.Stiviano, her husband’s former girlfriend.

Judge Richard Fruin Jr. ruled in favor of Shelly Sterling receiving almost all of the $3 million she is seeking from stiviano. Sterling argued that money her husband lavished to buy V. Stiviano a house, luxury cars and stocks belonged to her estate.

Stiviano’s defense attorney claimed when she received the gifts, Donald and Shelley Sterling had been separated, which should prevent Shelley Sterling from seeking repayment from a third party.

The court decision comes almost a year after Stiviano released a recording of Donald Sterling making racially insensitive remarks, which led to him losing ownership of the NBA franchise.

The attorneys for Shelley presented additional recordings, which show how the former disgraced owner purchased Stiviano a house, a Ferrari and other lavish gifts.

Stiviano and her former sugar daddy are heard discussing how to protect the gifts she received from his vengeful wife.

Shelley Sterling’s attorney played a clip in court where Stiviano is discussing the gifts given to her by Donald Sterling.

“The truth is that everything that I have, what you’ve given me is from your heart. I didn’t having to beg, ask you or throw myself all over you,” Stiviano said in during a clip of the recording played in court.

During the relationship, which lasted more than two years, Sterling purchased Stiviano luxury cars including a Ferrari, Bentley and a Range Rover and paid the majority of her $1.8 million duplex.

Donald Sterling said during earlier testimony that he made the entire payment for the house. Despite Stiviano’s claims that she had contributed an undisclosed amount of money, she saved in a dresser, provided to her by family members.

Sterling lambasted Stiviano’s claims, saying she didn’t contribute “.50 cents” to the house. Sterling then claimed because Stiviano is half black and Hispanic, she illegally had her name listed on escrow documents because of her friendships with Hispanic bank and escrow employees.

Shelly Sterling filed suit against Stiviano one month prior to the release of the recordings of Donald Sterling telling Stiviano her association with black people upset him. The recordings created a nationwide uproar and resulted in Sterling’s lifetime ban from the NBA and a $2.5 million fine.

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