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What Aaron Hernandez Mouthed As He’s Found Guilty, NFL Players Express Shock at Verdict

April 15, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
What Aaron Hernandez Mouthed As He’s Found Guilty, NFL Players Express Shock at Verdict

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Fallen football star Aaron Hernandez seems to mouth his opinion after jury read the guilty verdict during his murder conviction

Hernandez appears to say, “you’re wrong,” after the 12-person jury found him guilty on all counts after seven days of deliberation, including the most serious charge of first-degree premeditated murder of Odin Lloyd.

Th 25-year-old former New England Patriots tight end sat with no emotion until that moment. He was found guilty in the fatal shooting death of the 27-year-old Lloyd at an industrial park on June 17, 2013, just about a mile from his North Attleboro, Mass., home.

Terri Hernandez who sat next to her son’s fiance, Shayna Jenkins, both sobbed uncontrollably throughout the process. Hernandez will now spend the rest of his natural life in state prison

As court officials led Hernandez out in handcuffs, he can be seen saying to Jenkins, “stay strong.”

Players from around the NFL expressed their shock at the guilty verdict. “Speechless,” was tweeted by Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Hayden.

Patriots running back Jonas Gray said, “It’s not my place to weigh in on any of this, but enjoy your freedom people and cherish your loved ones because nothing is promised.” Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerard McCoy simply tweeted, “WOW.” And former troubled running back Maurice Clarett, who did time in prison, related to the feelings Hernandez is currently feeling.

“Right now, Aaron Hernandez is trying to hold it together. It will set in, and it’s going to hurt the most when he goes back to his cell. I know the feeling,” Clarett posted. He added, “Can’t compare any of my crimes or prison sentence to Aaron’s, but I know that feeling of thinking “I’m about to go to the joint.”

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