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Chicago Woman Made Up Abduction Story To Hide Weekend Party Binge Involving Coke and Alcohol

April 19, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Chicago Woman Made Up Abduction Story To Hide Weekend Party Binge Involving Coke and Alcohol

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A Chicago woman who claimed she was kidnaped and held against her will in an abandoned building concocted the entire story in an effort to hide the fact she went on weekend party binge of cocaine and booze.

According to local reports, Veronica Fuentes, 39, admitted to fabricating the story, which caused fear among Chicago residents. Fuentes said she was hit over the head at a bus stop and taken to a burned down abandoned building.

Fuentes confessed to police prior to a court hearing on Friday, the Chicago Tribune reported. Authorities charged her with disorderly conduct in connection with her filing a false police report.

The B.S. story caused the Chicago Transportation Authority to increase patrols around the Pulaski station and even had members of the “Guardian Angels” warn residents of the dangers with the possible kidnappers still on the loose.

Guardian Angel representative Miguel Fuentes told a TV station “Nothing’s going to happen today,” on Thursday, as he handed out fliers, he was entirely right after apparently being unaware the story was made up.

News of the abduction forced construction workers to board up the abandoned building where Fuentes claimed to be held captive by four men until Saturday morning. The woman told police the men forced her to drink vodka, but managed to escape after realizing she was left alone.

Fuentes claimed she had escaped after realizing she was left alone Tuesday night. She boarded a bus and went to the hospital. Doctors said she sustained bruises on her arm, WMAQ-TV added.

Detectives quickly punched holes in her story and uncovered evidence that contradicted her police statement including lack of surveillance footage and a bus pass that didn’t correspond with her stated whereabouts.

Police also discovered cocaine in her system.

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