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Teacher with benefits admits to having sex with three students

April 23, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Teacher with benefits admits to having sex with three students

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The Utah teacher who had a series of sexual trysts with underage students and was the subject of a “running joke” at Davis High School, plead guilty to having sex with three boys.

Brianne Altice’s guilty plea to three counts of 2nd-degree sexual abuse is part of a deal with the prosecutors in exchange for dropping 11 out of the 14 counts against Altice.

The disgraced ex-teacher faced the possibility of four separate trials if the plea deal agreement wasn’t reached.

“The judge’s ruling is what changed things. Each case should have been separately and considered on its own merits without reference to the other cases,” defense attorney Ed Brass told FOX 13.

Altice could face anywhere from 3 to 45 years in prison. The judge scheduled the sentencing hearing for May 28th.

“I’m not very happy the 14 felony count got reduced to three. At least she admitted that she was guilty,” one victim’s mother told KSL.

Two families of the victims have already launched civil lawsuits against the school district.

One suit claims the former teacher’s lurid behavior became known gossip among students, they would often joke “Who is Ms. Altice sleeping with now?”

Another one of the students testified in earlier hearings that she considered her, a “teacher with benefits.”

Altice, who was married at the time, had sexual intercourse with three different boys ages 16 and 17 years-old.

What started out as kissing in her classroom turned into sexual intercourse? The sexual occurrences took place in multiple locations including local parks and the back seat of her car.

Altice’s actions saw her go to jail, destroy her marriage and lose her job.

“The resolution does not meet the needs of justice, “but lets us deal with the risks, had the cases gone to trial,” according to Deputy Davis County Attorney Susan Hunt told the Tribune.

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