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Terror in MidAir: Pilot on Chicago to Connecticut Flight Plunges Plane 30,000 feet After Passengers Begin to Passout

April 23, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Terror in MidAir: Pilot on Chicago to Connecticut Flight Plunges Plane 30,000 feet After Passengers Begin to Passout

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A Chicago to Connecticut SkyWest Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing at Buffalo International Airport early Wednesday morning.

The plane made the forced landing after a passenger lost consciousness.
According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the airline may have also experienced a “pressurization problem.”

However, a Skywest spokesman said in a statement that initial reports from the investigation has found “no indication” that the plane experienced a drop in cabin pressure. The flight landed safely in Buffalo at 11:40 a.m. EDT, after taking off from Chicago en route to Windsor Lock, Connecticut.

The situation unfolded rapidly after three passengers lost consciousness, and others complained of discomfort. Assuming the plane pressurization system malfunctioned, the Skywest Airlines pilot to put the aircraft carrying 75 passengers into a terrifying 30,000 ft descent

The plane dropped from 38,000 feet down to 7,000 feet in minutes. Horrified passengers held their heads and prayed as Flight 5622 made an emergency landing in Buffalo, New York.

Mary Cunningham, an emergency nurse who was traveling on the flight, explained how she helped treat an unconscious passenger when all of a sudden another passenger passed out beside her, then others started feeling faint.

“Although the passenger was responsive, her color was off and she didn’t look good. After we had got her some oxygen, she was much more alert,’ said Cunningham. “The flight attendant and myself both began feeling faint, and light headed while tending to the stricken passengers,” Cunningham explained.

She added, “I was short-of-breath, light-headed [and] didn’t feel great, when I sat down, the person sitting in the back of me then passed out. As Panic and hysteria began setting, rather than take risks, the pilot at that moment took decisive action and set the plane into a steep dive.”

An official with knowledge of the situation told the LA Times that crew members did, in fact, report that a door had come open at 38,000 feet, causing the ‘rapid depressurization.’

However, upon landing the story mysteriously was founded to be untrue. SkyWest officials said they were examining what happened on the aircraft midflight.

SkyWest Airlines spokeswoman Marissa Snow said in a statement: ‘There were no reports prior to the unconscious passenger, which initiated descent. But I can’t speak to what may have been the particular cause of their feeling ill.”

However, the FAA have announced there was indeed a pressurization problem with the plane.

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