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Feds Smash Chicago Cell of Guerreros Unidos Who Used Passenger Buses To Important Large Shipments of Heroin

April 24, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Feds Smash Chicago Cell of Guerreros Unidos Who Used Passenger Buses To  Important Large Shipments of Heroin

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For the first time, DEA agents arrested the Leaders of a Chicago area cell of Guerreros United, who used Mexico to Chicago commercial bus lines to import cocaine and heroin.

Authorities arrested 40-year-old Pablo Vega Cuevas and his brother-in-law Alexander Figueroa, 37, both of whom lived in the Chicago suburb of Aurora. Investigators say they operated a drug ring where they would oversee the shipments of heroin and cocaine hidden in commercial passenger buses arriving in Chicago from Mexico. The drug stash would then be shipped to warehouses in Aurora and Batavia for distribution.

In addition to Cuevas and Figueroa, police arrested three other members of the cartel and obtained the arrest warrants for the arrest of 3 more alleged members. The investigation had been ongoing since August 2013. Federal agents seized 68 kilograms of heroin, 9 kilograms of cocaine and $500,000 in cash.

The Guerros Unidos maintains a structured leadership including the recently arrested Sidronio Casarrubias, Salomon Pineda Villa and his sister Maria Pineda Villa, wife of former Iguala mayor, both charged with the mass murder of the Ayotzinapa 43 student-teachers.

Arrested the former mayor of the town of Iguala, Jose Luis Abarca, left, and his wife

Arrested the former mayor of the town of Iguala, Jose Luis Abarca, left, and his wife Maria Pineda Villa, one of the reputed heads of Guerrero Unidos

A picture of recently-arrested Sidronio Casarrubias - the alleged leader of Guerreros Unidos  is screened during a press conference

Arrest photo of the recently-arrested Sidronio Casarrubias -one of the alleged leaders of Guerreros Unidos is screened during a press conference

Solomon during his 2010 arrest

Solomon during his 2010 arrest is believed to be one of the main heads of the Guerreros Unidos

According to Borderland, The majority of the violent bloodshed in Mexico relate to the cartels fighting for the distribution side of the drug trafficking business. Such as the Zetas, Gulf, Juarez, Tijuana cartels, all battling over the vital U.S./Mexico crossing plazas of Reynosa, Matamoros, and Nuevo Laredo.

However, the bloodshed in Guerrero involve the cartels fighting for control of the areas of production. Guerreros Unidos fought a violent war against their rival Los Rojos over the control of more poppy fields in the state. After the cartel had secured their source of heroin from the fields around Tlapa and Chilpancingo, they began to expand as the heroin demand grew in Illinois, and the Great Lakes Region.

Most Cartels, chief among them, the Sinaloa cartel have found innovative ways to transport their drug shipments across the border. From the use of drug mules backpacking across the desert, to the use of submarines, ultra-light aircraft, catapults, and most notably, “El Chapo’s” famous tunnel system he built under the border.

The innovative style of the Sinaloa is in stark contrast with the Guerrero United, who follow the adage of “Keep it Simple Stupid.”
The cartels operation is straight forward. Grow it, process it, package it, and then ship it by bus to warehouses in Chicago for distribution to their street dealers.

A story in Mexico Daily News this week provides a more detailed account of transporting heroin and cocaine from Iquala direct to Chicago on Mexican bus lines.

Exerpts from the Mexican Daily News-

With the efficiency of a multinational corporation. The cartel killed at large in Mexico and the United States for control of a lucrative heroin supply chain that extended from the opium fields, located in the mountains of Guerrero to the streets of Chicago.

According to U.S. Law Enforcement, the Guerreros cartel distribute tens of thousands of doses, which has contributed to the worst epidemic of heroin overdoses in decades within the Midwestern Region of the United States.

The (DEA) maintains that the syndicate imports the drugs through bus companies named Autobuses Volcano Travel Agency and Autobuses Monarca Zacatecanos. The heroin is placed hidden panels on the buses in Iguala and destined for the Chicago suburb of Aurora.

The Chicago cell then funneled millions made from profits back to the gang’s hierarchy to fund the illicit criminal activities in Guerrero, among them was the September 2014 murder of the Ayotzinapa student-teachers.

Protesters in Iguala, Mexico demanded return of 43 missing students

Protesters in Iguala, Mexico demanded return of 43 missing students

According to the Department of Justice, the arrest of the Chicago cell, which is the cartel’s most successful U.S. operation, is the first ever prosecution against the Guerreros.

The cell started importing and distributing large quantities of heroin and cocaine, sending the profits back to Iguala. After the DEA were alerted to the group’s operation through an informant. They launched surveillance operations against Vega and his collaborators, monitoring them for over a year, up until December of 2014.

Wiretaps picked up long distance phone calls made from around Chicago and Aurora to Iguala, Mexico. The calls recorded drug transactions conducted by the cell. In one instance, Vega conducted a $600,000 sale, involving a shipment of 26 kilograms of heroin, which was en route to Chicago on buses.

Besides the Guerreros Unidos on-going battle with their arch-rivals Los Rojos over the control of the poppy fields throughout the state. Up North, fighting broke out on the streets of Chicago after the cell began taking on the Sinaloa Cartel for control the Chicago market.

But because the Mexican military razed more than twice the number of poppy fields in Sinaloa than they had in Guerrero. The Guerreros Unidos commanded a logistical advantage over the Sinaloa Cartel,

However, with the arrest of the Guerreros Unidos’ Chicago cell, their lucrative U.S. operations has been smashed. Vega and his accomplices are accused of importing prohibited substances and face prison sentences of 10 to 40 years.

Strangely, the Autobuses Volcano Travel Agency is still offering non-stop Chicago service every Wednesday and Friday, but it’s unknown whether they continue to carry a secret cargo in hidden panels.

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