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Paroled Registered Sex Offender Stole School Bus, Tried to Pick up Kid

April 24, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Paroled Registered Sex Offender Stole School Bus, Tried to Pick up Kid

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A paroled Utah registered sex offender robbed a school bus and drove the route searching for children, almost luring a little girl inside, officials in Emery County said.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, Patrick Fredricksen, 30, worked as a landscaper at a baseball field Monday when he decided to leave the job and steal an SUV parked outside a funeral home in Huntington.

The paroled sex offender took off in the stolen vehicle and drove through a rural area of the county before discovering a school bus with keys in the ignition parked outside a home.

Fredericksen ditched the SUV and decided to steal the school bus. He then impersonated the bus driver, following the registered listing of the route, which included stops and names of children. Police said Fredericksen attempted to get a girl to board the bus at a stop in Cleveland.

However, he drew suspicion when he stopped to ask for directions to the home of another child. “He stopped at one residence and made an attempt to pick up a young child, but the father prevented the child from boarding. He continued driving down the road and asked a woman for another address,” Lt. Gayle Jensen, a sheriff’s spokeswoman, told a Fox affiliate.

Jensen added, “She became extremely suspicious, so she called that in and at that point we immediately responded to that area and managed to bring this to a conclusion.”

Responding officers “located the slow moving bus and blocked it before he had a chance to speed off,” according to a release obtained by the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Police arrested Fredricksen and charged him with vehicle theft and attempted child abduction. Additional charges are pending after Fredricksen broke a water pipe while in custody cell and flooding the jail cell and booking area, according to KSTU.

Fredericksen is a registered sex offender in connection with a 2004 felony conviction for unlawful sexual activity with a minor. He has additional convictions for forgery, theft, criminal mischief, impersonating a cop and possession of an altered written prescription according to KSL-TV.

He worked as a volunteer firefighter until he was fired after getting caught stealing clothes. Police arrested Fredericksen in 2006 for posing as a firefighter at emergency scenes, according to the Tribune.

He “listened to police scanners and would race to accident scenes, he also stole firefighting equipment and used his fake firefighter status to rent an apartment and open up credit lines,” according to the newspaper.

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