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Press Under Attack: Baltimore Rioters Assault Journalists

April 28, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Press Under Attack: Baltimore Rioters Assault Journalists

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Five journalists were brutally assaulted by Baltimore rioters while reporting on the protests, which have since erupted into violence on Monday.

Casey Harper and Connor Wolf from the Daily Caller were beaten around midnight by at least five as they looted an ATM. “The group appeared out of nowhere,” Harper told a Daily News reporter on the scene.


The two journalists had interviewed protesters just minutes before an assailant punched Wolf in the face. The group of thugs then pounced on the reporters, who managed to flee when they witnessed a man in a bandana, approaching them holding a hammer.

Both men were hospitalized with injuries. Wolf suffered a broken nose and Harper sustained a concussion. Looters attacked Baltimore Sun photo editor Christopher Assaf as he took photographed of the group looting a store.


“People started yelling to stop taking pictures, and chased him down, tackling him, and starting assaulting him as he laid on the ground,” Sun fellow reporter Carrie Wells tweeted just before 9 p.m.

A CNN cameraman, Oliver Janney suffered a broken nose after being attacked filmed the violence live for the network. “Got jumped covering Baltimore riot. Broken nose, busted my lip, phone robbed. But I’m ok,’ Janney later tweeted.

Rioters attacked photographers for the Baltimore Sun as they took pictures on Howard Street. ‘People started screaming at him “stop taking pictures,”‘ Sun writer Carrie Wells tweeted. Assaf later tweeted pictures of his injuries to his face as he was being treated in the hospital

“Pain okay; I’m not the only one in this emergency room who got beat up tonight,” the photographer wrote. A correspondent for D.C. media outlet CCTV America tweeted a photo his cameraman’s face bloodied after being attacked by protesters. In addition to the wounds, the cameraman had his camera stolen as well.

The inital protests have turned the streets of Baltimore into a war zone, sparked by the mysterious death of Freddie Gray, an Afican American who died in police custody. The violence increased on Monday shortly after Gray’s funeral.

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