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Atlanta Shoots and Kills Woman Who Opened Fire From the Back of Police Car

May 1, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Atlanta Shoots and Kills Woman Who Opened Fire From the Back of Police Car

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CBS46 News

Atlanta Police shot dead a woman under arrest in the back seat of a Police vehicle after she opened fire on two officers, just a block away from Fulton County Courthouse.

The shocking incident took place Thursday on a bustling street right in the center of Atlanta. Frightened pedestrians ran for cover as gunshots rang out around 5:30pm Thursday. The bullet-riddled police cruiser indicated the intense shootout as the entire busy area was closed.

Cops say they stopped identified the woman as 25-year-old Alexia Christian in a stolen car and placed her under arrest. The woman had an outstanding warrant and a search of the vehicle by the officer uncovered drugs.

“Right after that the Christian started fired twice on the officers with a handgun, who then took cover and returned fire Atlanta Police Maj,” Darin Schierbaum said during a news conference.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, officials have not released the woman’s identity and did not eloborate whether the officers frisked the woman or place her in handcuffs prior to taking her into custody.

However, a source within the Atlanta Police Det. Told the AJC that officers did, in fact, cuff the woman, who somehow manage to free herself before firing the weapon.

Paramedics rushed the woman to the hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. No officers were reported injured.

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