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NYPD Officer shot in the head over the weekend dies from injuries

May 4, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
NYPD Officer shot in the head over the weekend dies from injuries

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The NYPD officer shot in the head over the weekend on a Queens, New York Street as he sat in an unmarked car, has died of his injuries.

The NYPD announced the death of Officer Brian Moore, 25, on Monday.

The 104th precinct Posted a tweet on Monday, which read: “Condolences to the family of PO Brian Moore, who lost his life today. RIP to a true hero. We will never forget. #Hero.”

Doctors performed surgery on Moore, who sustained severe injuries to his skull and brain” and had been in a coma.

The suspected gunman, Demetrius Blackwell appeared in front of a judge, at Queens Criminal Court to face attempted murder charges on Sunday. However, the charges will likely now be upgraded to murder.

Blackwell has lengthy rap sheet with a total of ten arrests, including five of them on charges of robbery, weapons possession, and grand larceny. Prosecutors had scheduled to present the case to a grand jury prior to Blackwell’s next scheduled court appearance on Friday.

His court-appointed attorney David Bart said his client denied the charges. As of Monday, detectives were still conducting a search for the weapon used to kill Moore.

According to the Assistant District Attorney Peter McCormack, Moore and his partner Erik Jansen sat in an unmarked car on a Queens street around 6:30 pm Saturday. Both plain clothes officers witnessed Blackwell pulling at his waist and ordered him to stop, asking him what he was carrying with him.

According to the prosecutor, That’s when Blackwell turned, and “in a vicious manner started to fire” at least two shots, hitting Moore in the head, McCormack said.

Jansen, who was not hit and immediately called for help.

Moore has been on the force since July 2010, he came from a family of police officers including his father and uncle, who are both retired NYPD sergeants.

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