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Member of Hacking Group Anonymous Warned Texas Police of Imminent Threat Two Days Before Attack took Place

May 5, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Member of Hacking Group Anonymous Warned Texas Police of Imminent Threat  Two Days Before Attack took Place

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The hacking collective Anonymous alerted Texas police regarding an imminent threat from ISIS two days before the failed Terror attack on the Garland art event took place.

The warning went largely ignored by Garland Police. ISIS attempted to a “Charlie Hebdo Paris” style attack on the art event depicting cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad.

The Islamic State has since claimed responsibility for the attack. Elton Simpson, 30, and his roommate, 34-year-old Nadir Soofi, from Phoenix, Arizona, pulled up outside the event Sunday evening and opened fire injuring a security guard.

Many expected the art event to outrage the Muslim community, whether offensive or respectful because any depiction of the Prophet Muhammad is considered blasphemous.

Similar drawings to the Texas art event has led to violence around the world in the past.


Police including members of the SWAT team returned fire killing both suspects, who were armed and donned body armor. The injured guard, 57-year-old Bruce Joiner, was shot in the ankle. Doctors treated his injury at a hospital and later released.

The Garland Police Department reportedly received an advanced warning of the attack two days prior, from a member of Anonymous.

The member of the “Hacktivist” group is believed to be a woman living in Europe who identified herself as an affiliate of the hacking network.

Anonymous has gone after the Islamic State’s social media accounts linked.
The Anonymous member issued the warning on Friday evening; the woman discovered references regarding an imminent attack in Garland, Texas. The user @AnsarAlUmmah49 made the threat.

She then messaged the Garland Police Department’s Twitter account that read: ‘We feel something is in preparation for an exposition in your city. Please follow this # twitter.com/AnsarAlUmmah49…

However, the message never got to the right officials at the department and according to the spokesman for the Garland Police, Joe Harn, they had found out Monday about the Twitter warning.

Harn indicated that the FBI and agents from the ATF were closely monitoring the online chatter prior to the controversial event. However, law enforcement agencies say they saw nothing unusual on Twitter.

Since the announcement of the draw Muhammed contest art contest, ISIS followers online have called for attacks leading up to Sunday’s incident.

An ISIS operative went on Twitter to claim responsibility for the shooting, saying the attack was carried out by two pro-Isis supporters.

Additional Islamic State supporters also claimed on Twitter that one of the suspects, Elton Simpson, used the Twitter handle Shariah Is Light.
He posted a message in the days leading up to the Garland incident. The message read: ‘the bro with me and myself have given bay’ah [oath] to Amirul Mu’mineen [ISIS leader Al Baghdadi]. May Allah accept us as mujahideen #texasattack.

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