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Los Zetas Cartel Gunmen Ambush Kills Mexican Officer, Kidnaps Another Near Texas Border

May 8, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Los Zetas Cartel Gunmen Ambush Kills Mexican Officer, Kidnaps Another Near Texas Border

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Los Zetas gunmen conducted a brazen ambush on a Police unit in Northern Mexico, killing one officer and kidnapping the rest of the squad on Sunday. As media reports surfaced Monday, officials in Tamaulipas and Nueva Leon offered conflicting versions of events.

On Sunday, State Security Officers with the Nuevo Leon State Police Civil Force pursued an SUV in a rural area close to the state‚Äôs border with Tamaulipas. As they converged on the vehicle, cartel gunmen in two seperate black SUV’s ambushed the officers.

El Proceso initially reported that an ensuing gunbattle led to one officer killed and seven others taken captive. Tamaulipas State Officals said the Police managed to locate and rescue six of the officers. However, reports of a female police officer remained unconfirmed.

Officials from the Tamaulipas government released details of the rescue of the abducted Nuevo Leon officers, but could not reveal the possible whereabouts of the remaining officer.

However, Jesus Gallo, the head of the Nuevo Leon Civil Security Forces disputed the official account of the Tamaulipas Government in a written statement late Monday. Gallo confirmed the death of the officer and another officer injured. However, Gallo claimed the remaining cops were all accounted for and unharmed.

According to Proceso quoting Nuevo Leon law enforcement officials, the Tamaulipas police force never conducted rescue operations as they claimed. The missing security officers took cover and hid in the brush until Nuevo Leon Forces arrived.

Law Enforcement officials believe that the cartel operatives fled to the border town of Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, located just south of Falcon Dam which is on the U.S side of the border.

Mexican Marines conducted a search of the city, which is a Zetas stronghold; helicopters flew over the area, in search of the suspects. Mexican officials had refused to say whether the Zetas or Gulf Cartel, were responsible for the attack. However a radio transmission was published between the commander of the Marines and the leader of th Zetas.

From Borderland: Below are the transcripts from the transmission, translated in english.

Apparently Los Zetas were transmitting on Military frequencies or vice versa

Zeta: come in, come in commander.
(background military talking): oh shit its him talking.

Zeta: you guys want me to confiscate your patrol cars commander?

Military: we’re on our way over there.

Zeta: What’s up with the patrol cars that you sent over here? I riddled them with bullets.

Military: We’re going over.

Zeta: fucking poor scumbag soldiers that you’re sending over here not even ammo nor magazines do they? you guys should be ashamed cause you’re sending them over here to face death.

Military: Patience, patience we’re on our way.

Zeta: Ok, I got the missile ready if you wanna fight.

(background military talking): oh shit

Zeta 2: We’re gonna do a complete mission and with backup.

Military: Patience asshole we’re going.

Zeta: Do what the fuck you want cause I can defend myself for battle and I’m gonna leave you here an element that I found and I had to kill him, the one you sent over here to Tamaulipas.

Zeta: And have a nice day, but don’t bother me.

Military: Stay there asshole.

Zeta 3: a girl: 111

Military: We’re going over don’t leave.

Zeta: What you want me for? I’m fucking leaving I’m ashamed of you guys. I don’t want problems with the Marines, Military, with no one I’m just here to protect my people just like you do for your men.

Military 2: You’re an asshole, scary ass piece of shit.

Military 2: The scary ass piece of shit is your men.

Military 3: That’s what I thought piece of shit that’s what I liked you for.

Military 2: You said you were a big shit, confront us you asshole you’re a fucking coward.

Zeta: What’s happening is that you’re just a commander giving orders while you’re asleep, but fuck you guys I don’t land in no ones trap god bless you all and all the Golfos( cartel del golfo) that you guys work for I’m Zetas cartel so you can know and I’m the new commander and everyones commander I’m running this shit.

Military 2: Fuck you you troublesome addict.

Military 1: Time will fall in its place we’ll confront each other just have patience.

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