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Jury: Starbucks Not Responsible for Damages Sought By Cop After Spilling FREE Coffee on His Lap

May 13, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Jury: Starbucks Not Responsible for Damages Sought By Cop After Spilling FREE Coffee on His Lap

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A court ruled the coffee chain Starbucks is not responsible for damages sought by a Police Officer who suffered third degree burns after a free cup of coffee spilled on his lap. A jury ruled that the coffee chain is not responsible for damages sought by Raleigh, North Carolina Police Lt. Matthew Kohr.

Kohr sued Starbucks for $750,000 when he spilled the complimentary coffee in his lap. The jury ruled by a vote of 10-2 in favor of Starbucks. Both sides have accepted the jurors decision, despite the fact it wasn’t unanimous.

Kohr said he suffered burns and blisters to his lap after the lid to the cup of coffee served to him by Starbucks employees came off causing the cup to collapse and spilling the scolding hot coffee on his legs.

His wife maintains that the injuries her husband sustained were bad enough to damage their sex life.

Kohr sued for $750,000 to cover medical costs, legal fees, and emotional damages. Starbucks argued the fact that since the officer received the cup of coffee for free, it excludes him from enjoying the same protections as paying customers would receive.

Kohr countered the argument by claiming the free coffee offered to uniformed police officers constitutes ‘an agreement’ between him and the company.

Kohr took the stand and admitted he drove home first to have photos taken by his wife of his injuries to his inner thigh prior to seeking medical attention.

Tricia Derr, who represented Starbucks, argued the point repeatedly that Kohr waited over two hours before seeking going to the urgent care centre for medical help.

A Starbucks spokesman said out of the 4 billion coffees they serve every year in their trademark paper cups, only 59 have collapsed. The coffee chain says it’s delighted with the jury’s decision and added that the employees did nothing wrong.

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